Which yoyo is better, Skyva or Mojo

(ruben romero) #1

whic is better, magic yoyo skyva or top yo mojo and why?


Haven’t tried the mojo but the Skyva is probably better.

I would pick a Protostar or Replay Pro over the Skyva though unless you really want that fingerspin dimple.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3

I have both and I prefer the Mojo. It’s less expensive and has more power to the throw, so it works better as an all-around plastic beater. The only downside to the Mojo is that it only has 3 color options, whereas the Skyva has a lot of solid & clear options. The Skyva looks a lot cleaner, especially with the minimal engraving.

Luckily, both yo-yos are pretty cheap, and you might be able to nab one for cheap or as a throw-in if you’re scrounging the BST.

(Mash Mastar) #4

You cant go wrong with the Replay Pro! I learned how to finger spins on that yoyo. I choose it to try and learn finger spins on because it tended to bounce off my finger 1st efforts. This forced me to learn to catch my finger spins with a softer hand. I had metal yoyos that I could finger spin on. Using the Replay Pro just seem to make sense. If it got damaged I wasn’t at any real lose.

(ruben romero) #5

i have a replay and is one of the best plastics i’ve ever used, i was thinking about the fingerspin dimple and skyva is specially made for that, thanks

(Mash Mastar) #6

Both seem like an excellent choice!

(Mark Walker) #7

The Mojo is my favorite plastic yoyo in my collection. Admittedly I don’t have the Skyva. I’m not into plastics that much, but the Mojo and Zeekio Spectre are my go to’s when I’m in the mood.

(ZAC) #8

Both are great. Mojo has a little more power, Skyva is a little easier to get fingerspins. I liked Mojo more when i first got it, but in the long run ide say i like Skyva more. To me, skyva has a more refined feel to it. I dont throw either any more tho, my POM diffusion is my go to plastic. If i feel like getting some fingerspins in i go with my duncan windrunner(i highly suggest grabbing one if your looking for a under 40 metal.)


I personally think that a Skyva is a better yoyo

(Samuel) #10

Woah how do you fingerspin on a replay pro I have one and I cant do it.

(Aaron Chin) #11

Performance wise definitely mojo, skyva for me is too light and lack of spin time, Mojo has a better weight distribution and a more powerful throw.

(Mash Mastar) #12

If you can learn to fingerspin a Replay Pro than everything else should be a breeze. I do have to adjust by dropping my non throw hand more unusual than normal. If you don’t get the soft finger right it tends to bounce off your finger horribly.