Best Plastic Yoyo under $20


What is the best plastic yoyo under $20? Should I try something new like the Skyva or stick with og replay pro?


I have owned four different replay pros and they are definitely very nice plastics. I haven’t tried the skyva yet, but may try it out sooner or later.


I’ve not used the Skyva. But I have a hard time believing that anyone would be disappointed by the RePlay Pro for the money. Sure, someone might prefer one budget plastic over another. But I have yet to see anyone call the Replay Pro a “bad” yoyo in any significant way. Particularly when considering the price to value ratio.

That said, I think the Speedaholic gets ignored as far as the “price to value” discussion. Sure, it’s been out a few years and doesn’t have a matte surface for grinds. But for $14? An amazingly smooth yoyo.


I have always loved the recess First Base I have 3 and I think I will get a fruit series one. I highly suggest that.


I’ve said this more than once on various threads.

If you’re willing to put in a full size bearing and pads, there is nothing better than a Yoyojam Classic. It’s performance is every bit as good as a YYR Diffusion 2 and it is less than a third it’s price.

(InvaderDust) #6

Skyyva. I tried one yesterday at world and its impressive to say the least. I doubt I’ll buy one but it plays very well. Played a new yeti too. Being a clyw guy it didn’t click with me. Felt great for a plastic but I guess I just don’t dig plastic.

(yoyobro!) #7

Skyva for sure. Just got one day before last. Also tried the yeti and not very impressed. The replay pro is pretty good but not the best.