Cheap stable plastic yoyo


I want a cheap stable plastic yoyo that is preferably around the $10-$30 price range


I thought the Replay and the Skyva were both pretty stable, the Yeti2 I think is as well.


Replay is pretty good


Skyva is awesome.


Skyva is one of my favorites that is stable (at least for a plastic).

Big fan of the yyf whip but not the most stable.


Do you want an all-plastic yoyo or a plastic with metal weight rings? Metal weight rings can add spintime and stability. A few choices with and without weight rings I would suggest that I find stable for a plastic are the sOMETHING Premiere, the Diffusion and the ProtoStar.


Replay Pro, although it is a little heavy at the end of the string.


Try the FHP with weight rings


Replay pro or Skyva


Skyva for sure!!! Stable, fast enough, fingerspin machine, good looking, lots, lots of choice. Easy choice.

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Replay pro is stable, a Protostar is more expensive, but feels more “premium” to me, and is smaller and faster on the string. The Yoyojam Vexed is one of my favorites, it plays on par with the Protostar but is better at fingergrinds and horizontal play because of the step. A little more expensive, but worth it in my opinion. The Yoyojam classic is pretty sweet, but its only available at other sites. (Pm me for a link)


Skyva. I didn’t care for my Replay Pro as much and eventually gave it away.

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The DayDream with it’s large diameter is stable.


I have been incredibly impressed with the Recess First Base.


I agree with this but need to point out it comes responsive. However, it is definitely one of my favorite plastics at any price.

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Definitely the skyva it’s the best plastic throw


While this is an opinion, it seems to be the most popular one, one that I agree with as well. :+1::poop:


I’ve been impressed with the skyva, pretty stable for a plastic! I actually bought a second one and wouldn’t mind having even more of the translucent colors

The clear though… Looks really good!


That does look good :blush:. I think u has an axle knot tho. Lol


The Skyva and First Base are both great (The First Base comes with a responsive and unresponsive bearing). For the Skyva, I would get a solid color because the translucent ones have a slightly wider gap which causes binds to slip (They may have fixed this, not sure…).