First unresponsive ("Replay Pro" vs best budget plastics of last years)


I was considering getting a Paul Han Onestar as my first unresponsive yoyo (I love the looks and what I’ve read), but now with the new Replay Pro I don’t know which one to choose.

How does Replay Pro compare to the best budget plastics like upgraded Classic, Speedaholic or Onestar? …and to the best high end like Diffusion 2, Yeti or Rally?

Thank you in advance!

I look forward to knowing the answer to this question as my Replay Pro should arrive today. It should be fun to fiddle around with while I wait not so patiently for my Scout.

ONEstar performs great for the price. I like it more than the Speedaholic. It’s hard to go wrong with an upgraded Classic as well. The Rally is probably objectively the best plastic I’ve played (never tried a Yeti or Diffusion or Regen to compare). It’s probably worth holding off on the ONEstar at this point and taking a look at the Replay. I’ll know firsthand about the Replay Pro in twelve hours!

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I haven’t owned any other budget plastics but I am really enjoying the Replay. I would say that it is easily on the same level as Protostar/Northstar/Rally/Yeti/Diffusion since I have owned all of those

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I own a Classic and have played a Onestar at my local skill toy store.

I like the Replay better than both of them. It’s similar to the Classic in some respects, but more comfortable in the hand and to catch.

I like it much better than the Onestar. It has a much more solid feel, and is more stable and smooth, IMO.

I don’t think any of them are a bad choice, though.

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I went from the surge to the replay pro and I feel like the replay pro is just better all the way around.

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I’ve had a few days with the Replay now. After starting out kind of cold about it, it’s been growing on me each time I replay it. It’s a fantastic value and should rocket up the list of viable beaters out there. Another really strong submission to the plastics market by YYF at an ultra-affordable price.

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The Yeti, Regen, Diffusion, and Rally as well as a bunch of other plastics all play pretty differently from each other in my opinion.

But of the Classic, Speedaholic or Onestar, compared to the Replay Pro, I couldn’t say as I’ve never played them. Are the more expensive ones better? That is all relative and you could get through most all tricks with the cheaper ones almost if not just as easily as the expensive.

Send me a PM and I’ll throw you some plastics around your budget if you are interested. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answers! :slight_smile: I Think I’ll get a Replay Pro and after that we’ll see.

If there’s anyone who want to add his point of view and compare those plastics I’ll be glad to read it. :slight_smile: