Replay Pro vs Regen

Which one is the better plastic yoyo?

The Regen is phenomenal. It does have its haters though. Replay Pro is the flavor this month.

Replay is also a super budget yoyo. Regen is a limited, single run yoyo.

Valuewise, the Replay is probably the most budget friendly 1A throw period.

Regen is pretty unique in itself however. Although I am bit of a hater of the Regen. (not really hate, but doesn’t really work for me)

The replay is advertised to be way better than it actually is imo. Its super vibey and has a really short spin time

You must’ve gotten a dud. Mine’s the opposite, and it’s all I’ve been throwing since I got it last week.

I tuned it for an hour and a half and it was still horrible so idk

I have both, and I’d honestly go replay all day. Spins forever, and has minimal vibe for a plastic. I mean, you will still notice the vibe if you’re looking for it on the string, but it’s not noticeable if you just play with it and don’t try to scrutinize every aspect of a $15 yoyo.

The regen is a great plastic throw as well, smaller, and quicker, but with shorter spin times and less solid feeling. I love the regen IMO, but I find myself playing the replay a lot more

The Replay Pro is oversized.

The REGEN is fullsized.

The Replay Pro is polycarb.

The REGEN is machined POM.

Both are Gentry sigs. I don’t think you can go wrong.

=shuta vs shutter

I prefer the replay. My regen was vibey out of the box. It only spun for like 40 seconds max. I might’ve gotten a dud, but I’ve already re-painted it because I didn’t like the way it looked very much.

I’ve never played a Regen. On the Replay Pro, I believe it’s the real deal, while also agreeing with an above poster that it is a flavor of the month. I square these views by figuring that someone trying the Replay Pro for the first time in six months isn’t going to abandon their metals for it and go Replay Pro crazy, but also in six months, if someone asks which budget friendly plastic to get, I think the Replay Pro will come up a lot.

Here’s my intermediate take on them.

The Replay is more stable, more comfortable in the hand.

Despite being smaller and lighter, the Regen feels more solid to me, probably because of materials & molded vs. machined.

The Regen is very nimble on the string and has a big catch zone. I can see where that will be great once I get a bit more consistent. For a relative noob like myself, it’s kind of like driving a sports car before you’re ready. Goes all over.

They’re both really nice, and I’m glad I have them.