Yeti 2 vs skyva

Now that they are the same priceon yye which one do you like better/ would recomend if i wasnt interesting in finger spinning??


Sometimes I wonder what has happened these days to just buying something and seeing how you like it.

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I don’t post much seeing that I am just returning to the hobby and don’t feel I have much to add at this point. I search the forums and have learned a lot in the process but sometimes it is not enough. I really appreciate the reviews and tutorials people take the time to make as well as these type of questions. It really helps when those of you blessed with such incredible talent share with us newbees.

Dropping a weeks worth of grocery money or a months electric bill on a toy is not an expense some of us can do lightly. With the cost of some of these yoyo’s being well over $100 it won’t take long before you can have hundreds even thousands wrapped up in a collection. Getting the insight and the opinions from the talented yoyoist on this forum is a great help and I give my thanks to those of you willing to take the time and to show the patience to help educate us new guys out.

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I like them both.

Yeti 2 plays great, but it is really large!
Skyva plays great but has a more regular shape.

It depends; do you already have a few yoyo’s? and do you just want a new yoyo or do you want a new yoyo that is completely different than the ones you already own. (size wise)

i like the yeti for the bigger size, and i like the skyva for the fingerspins.

They both have this ecellent solid plastic feel. you can’t go wrong with either.
I suggest you just get them both ;D

If really in doubt, get the yeti because they will not be made anymore, and you can get a skyva later on.

Hope this helped

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They’re 20-35 dollar yoyos you’re asking about here.

Where can you possibly go wrong?

I cant afford both

I already have a mantis i just want a good throw that will be easy to learn things on

Also clyw isnt going to make anymore yetis?? Why lol

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Hey, first post back after a long absence. I figure I’ll try to answer your question, since I had the same one and answered it for myself.

I just recently bought both, because I couldn’t find any real comparison to help me make a choice. Got them in the mail, swapped in my bearing of choice (crucial grooved 10 ball) and threw on my strings (kitty tall fat - I’m 6’5").

Both played excellent out of the box, with a good throw neither has much vibe or noise (remember - 10 ball bearing). For plastics they spin very smooth and very long. Now, I do have the 10 ball and 45 plus inches of string to help with that so ymmv.

As far as play goes, they are completely separate yoyo’s. The skyva is as close as you can get to a competition plastic (I’m sure it could be used effectively on a world stage). It plays fast and consistent, with enough catch area to make whips and hops easy to learn. It seems to be forgiving on your throw, and will spin plenty long enough for a few combos. My one gripe is that the string gap is nearly 5mm (I got a translucent model). That means it layers string like a pro, but you do have to be very intentional with the binds.

The yeti 2 on the other hand is more of a fun yoyo. However, that doesn’t mean it is a “beginner” yoyo. In fact, I think the yeti is harder to play than the skyva. You have to be very careful with your throw, making sure you throw nice and straight. It will also punish you for not having both hands in line, due to the narrower string gap and higher wall of the V shape. Get those two things right though, and you will be rewarded with excellent spin time, great stability and a solid playing experience. Plus it looks great to see a HUGE orb of color fly through the air.

I will say this, before the skyva I had never landed or tried a finger spin. After the skyva I can’t stop doing them! Such fun.

My advice is this: don’t buy coffee for a week or speed up any developments in clash of clans, and buy BOTH. You really can’t go wrong for the price.

If you must buy one, buy the skyva because it is a bit more forgiving and could add a few tricks to your list.

But really, buy both. Seriously.


No coffee? That’s a bad idea :slight_smile:

Is it a green triangle if I’m using orange string?


Alright, alright. I’ll modify it - Make your own coffee for a week.