Speedaholic v2 VS Skyva

Hey guys! I’m 100% sure i’m not the only one here thinking that C3 tried to make competition to Magicyoyo with the new speedaholic. Two plastics with cups to make fingerspins easier. C3 made it 2 bucks cheaper. What’s your opinion about it, and of course, wich side are you?

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I had the first run speedaholic and liked it alot. I havent tried the 2nd one but it looks prerty nice. I have a Skyva and like it alot. The shape and the weight is nice. Honestly tho i think my Skyva might be a dud. Iv put so many different types of bearings in it and it still wont hold a long spin. Not an over tightening either. Im not sure whats up with it. But id still be on the Skyva train because the shape and specs are great. Going to order a new one in the new colors and see how a diff one plays.

I wasn’t a fan of the 1st run speedaholic, not stable, short spin times, felt kinda cheap, just didn’t like it. With it’s price I wasn’t expecting too much but the Skyva is much better. I know the new Speedaholic will be better but I doubt it’ll be good enough to compete with the Skyva.

I have the original Speedaholic and I have enjoyed it. I have the Skyva and for me it does not live up to the hype. That said I am planning an order with YYE that will include the new Speedaholic.

Yeah its probably a b grade because mine have a pretty long spin time…

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I never tried the first run of speedaholic but ordered a V2. Can’t wait to try it and compare it face to face to the Skyva in therm of fingerspins

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Let us know! I know I am curious!

yeah i highly dought it was a b grade product. The first one i recieved had such intense vibration i had to send it back for another one. And it wasnt like some weak vib coming from a pickey player or anything like that. There was a major problem with it. Anyways the second one was great but will die out pretty quick even with top notch bearings. Heck with it might just be my lack of skill lol
Cant wait to here how the 2nd speedaholic plays!!

Well thats sad if you had two B grades in a row. I’ll let you know about the speedaholic V2 here :slight_smile:

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I personally like the Speadaholic V2s a lot more than the Skyvas.

So you have tried both?!? :slight_smile: How do fingerspins compare?

For sure!

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Can you tell more about the v2? :slight_smile:

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Compared to the first Speedaholic I would say Skyva is just overall better made.
Not sure about Speedaholic 2, but it looks very promising.

I got my order with the speedaholic v2. I’ll throw it and will give you feedback later today or tomorrow !

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I bought a Skyva right when they were released, it’s had vibe since I got it, I just got a B grade. But my brother’s has been and is still perfect since he got his the same day. It’s an AMAZING plactis throw. Throws harder than quite a few metals.

I recently got an original Speedaholic, I still have the flat bearing in it and everything
It’s not strong, it needs a different bearing especially, but it’s still a really nice yo-yo. And I got it for 9 bucks for black Friday. Can’t beat that.

I SUPER CANT WAIT to try a Speedaholic V2. I’m buying one at VA states contest next weekend. I’m so psyched.

But, Skyva, Amazing.
Original Speedaholic, good.
Speedaholic V2, ???.

Skyva definitely feels light and quick. It plays fairly solid but can tilt during speed tricks. Obviously great at finger grinds. Due to the finish, it’s OK at other grinds though not ideal.

Speedaholic v2 is solid and fast feeling. It plays rock stable through speed tricks but does feel heavier/more solid in general. The finish means that most grinds are completely out. Finger spins work very well but the finish means there’s less room for error. Try to aim for that metal hub cup! Hopping between fingers is also more difficult as a result and spins on the plastic, while doable, do not auto center as easily like on the skyva and tend to slow the yoyo down pretty rapidly.

I was about to talk about the speedaholic v2 but… you said it all haha.

Now I think it’s a question of pesonnal taste in yoyo. For me, I tend to like my skyva a liiiiiiittle bit more than my V2 just because it’s lighter and have a nice finish. But hey, i played with the V2 for like 30 minutes, so I still can change my mind :wink:

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Lol! Glad to hear your experience about matched up. Definitely personal preference for play style. I think I generally enjoy the skyva a bit more because I can relax with it. That being said, the Speedaholic feels like a wonderful nostalgic update that’s easy to push fast and I’m digging that as well.

Yeah ive been loving my v1 speedaholic and walter over at c3 said he was going to send me a v2 for free! I have been waiting for it for a while now but I think it must have got lost in the mail. :sob:. But im definitely going to get one even if the one walter sent doesn’t come. But huge shout out to c3 for sending me one for free even if it did get lost in the mail.