Skyva Yoyo Review

Opening: As the world of yo-yo tricks evolves more and more there need to be changes in the yo-yo scene to adapt to these variations. I have been playing for almost six years now and I continue to learn more whether it is from a video online or a thread on When it comes to buying a yo-yo I usually wait a while for prices and reviews to come out before making a purchase. My patience for buying a new yo-yo paid off when I came across the “New Releases” tab on and saw the Skyva yo-yo by Magic Yoyo and Jeffrey Pang. I looked at what other players, such as Brandon Vu and Mike Montgomery, thought about it and immediately knew it was a yo-yo worth trying. The positive reception of this yo-yo along with its price tag helped me make the decision to buy this yo-yo and give it a try.

Specs (Source
Diameter: 57.85 mm / 2.27 inches
Width: 45.25 mm / 1.78 inches
Gap Width: 4.50 mm / 0.17 inches
Weight: 65.8 grams
Bearing: Center Trac ® Size C
Response: 19mm Slim Pad

First Impressions: When I got the Skyva yo-yo, I really liked the simplicity of the box design as it only has the important aspects of the yo-yo and nothing too complex. I also thought it was great attention to detail as the string is nicely fitted into a Styrofoam piece. The yo-yo itself was light since it comes in at 65.8 grams compared to the majority of my throws weighing in at about 67 grams and up. Nothing too complex on the yo-yo either, just the name of the yo-yo and what seems to be a cloud in small print, which I like as well. I got the slate gray color which I thought was the nicest and I think it looks even better in person. I really liked the shape as it felt neither too small or too big in my hand. The next thing to do after I got it out of the box was put it to the test.

Play: Upon playing with this yo-yo I immediately noticed it was incredibly smooth. No vibe at all, just a simple smooth yo-yo that plays the way a modern yo-yo should be. One thing I constantly mentioned in my other reviews is my preference of 1a yo-yo’s weighing about 67 grams or more, but after trying out this yo-yo for a few days now, I may change that preference of mine. Tried a bit of fast play and it handled it good as well as some horizontal play being able to be pulled of well. The next thing I wanted to try was finger spins, and when I did I was absolutely blown away. I think saying this yo-yo is “perfect” for finger spins is an understatement. It is more than perfect at finger spins; I can do an average finger spin of about a minute on this yo-yo. I think it is safe to say that Jeffrey Pang has achieved his goal of, “…a hub that could outperform any yoyo at fingerspin style tricks” because this yo-yo can hang with the rest of the yo-yos that cost much more. Finger spins and overall play on this yo-yo is smooth and great.

Final Thoughts: I am incredibly happy I made this purchase. This is my current favorite throw, whether it is playing around the house or taking a yo-yo with me somewhere to play I reach for this yo-yo. If you are having trouble with learning finger spins, you should really check this yo-yo out as it will help you perfect those tricks. With its affordable price tag I think any person should own this yo-yo. What do you all think? Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for reading.

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With just about every polycarbonate yoyo that comes out, I hear people claim it has either no, or virtually no vibe.

And every time I use the yoyos they are talking about, they have generous vibe.

All injection molded plastic yoyos will have vibe, and that is just fine. No problem at all.

Just don’t claim that they have ‘no vibe at all’. It’s plain false.

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I had a OD Rally a while back and it was pretty darn close to dead smooth. But with that said, I have 3 skyvas and all of them have a fair amount of vibe. It’s still not something you notice too much when your throwing but it definitely has more vibe than most budget aluminum yoyos and you definitely feel it on grinds and fingerspins.

Glen have you played a skyva? Or maybe the new yeti?

Hardly a generous vibe.

No vibe at all might be a stretch but they are extremely smooth, smoother than some budget metals I’ve gotten recently.

I agree with Glen on this one.

I must’ve just gotten lucky! Mine really is very smooth.

The axle system allows it to be tuned as well, which could help. Flip the axle around. I wish you guys could try mine haha.

Ok maybe that was a bit of a stretch saying it has “no vibe at all.” My yo-yo personally is really smooth, maybe with some vibe but not too much for me to notice and say it is terrible. It was my fault though for claiming that it had no vibe at all, since there will be vibe in the yo-yo’s. Thank you all for bring that to my attention. I will make sure I am more careful when writing reviews. It is still a great yo-yo.

I played a Skyva for a bit at my yoyo club this past weekend. First thing I had to try was a finger spin, which worked rather well. The Skyva however isn’t dead smooth like how a metal or delrin would be, but smooth enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s going to vibrate off my finger. Vibe would be similar to what is felt on a Big Dipper.

Excellent analysis and comparison of vibe in plastic throws…
Well said!

I’d have to agree that mine isn’t “dead smooth,” but then again, most metals aren’t either if I’m really nitpicking about it. The minimal amount of vibe in my Skyva can only be noticed when doing a fingernail test, otherwise it feels dead smooth during normal play; much like most metals that I have owned/played. As for during finger spins, there is a bit more “vibe” as the machined innermost cup area isn’t perfectly smooth.

It is incredibly difficult for most metals to even be considered “dead smooth”, at least by my standards. Only a handful of the 50+ metals that I have owned would be classified as such, most of those being mint right out of the box. Most OD metals have been dead smooth for me, at least ones with SE’s; my Sovereign and the Citizen that I had both had tiny amounts of vibe. The two Draupnirs that I owned. A TP Palpitation. My Evora. The SPYY yoyo’s that I’ve owned; Orbitron, Supra, and 3 Addiction v2’s. My Anti-yo Bape.2, Vis, and Stealthzilla. Two YYF Cyphers, and both a Space Cowboy and Cowgirl. My Masamini. And 2 G2 Marvels. Otherwise everything else has had a noticable amount of vibe if you put it to the fingernail test, but mostly it’s completely unnoticeable during play.

With all that being said, my Skyva is one of the smoothest plastic throws that I have played. My OG Yeti is also incredibly smooth for a plastic, and the smoothest that I have played is probably a Regen which is machined POM. I guess that I have gotten lucky with all of these, as they’ve only had as much “vibe” as most metals, where you can only tell on a fingernail test, but otherwise play very smooth.

I think people are getting too sensitive about vibe lately. The Skyva plays great, some may vibe a little more than others and some are pretty close to dead smooth, but I haven’t seen or heard of any where the ‘vibe’ inhibited performance in any way.

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On the whole vibe thing quick. Not going to throw out any names, but I think a lot of people don’t actually understand what true damage vibe is. I have done many trades where people will say the yoyo has vibe. I will throw the yoyo without having tried to tune it, fingernail test it, and it will be dead smooth no matter how I look at it… I think sometimes when people say yoyos vibe they just need to learn how to throw better… Or learn to tune them :wink:

Plastics have a little bit of a vibe to them naturally. Personally, that’s what I like about them, they feel unique.

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Try a OD Cabal for smoothness and 9-10 vibe free.

The Cabal is not polycarbonate, nor is it injection molded. It is machined POM. These are not the type of plastic yoyos I was talking about.

This is such a great yoyo, and not just for finger spins, although it does excel at that. I would highly recommend this yoyo.

I went ahead and ordered a white one. For 20 bucks its worth trying. Givijg the kitty string 1.5 a try too.

My first Skyva was dreamy smooth. I sold it after a few days.

My second Skyva (recently bought) has some vibe. Not generous. Closer to slight, but it’s there. It doesn’t inhibit performance at all.

I’ll probably keep this one til I croak.

Iv got the grey one coming in today. I love the replay pro and been throwin it around for months here and there. But man i cant wait to throw the skyva and put the replay down for a bit. Scope out the differences.

I have 3 replay pros myself, however I like my onestar a bit better due to size and shape. I’ll let you know how the skyva compares to both.

Cool sounds good. Yeah iv had 2 one stars. I loved the specs and the price! Had a speedaholic also. Great throw forsure but ended up not diggin it anymore. Just got my skyva a few hours ago. Super happy with it. Favorite plastic hands down