The Yeti 2.0 is here

My pre oder for The Yeti 2.0 just got here today! Made a video about it. Here you go, let me know if you all wanna see more of it. Subscribe to my channel many more trick videos and tutorial videos coming out soon enough!
Do you all want anything like a spin test or a review? Its definitely an interesting yoyo:

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Thanks for sharing!

Great video! Mine is here as well. What do u think??

Is there going to be a normal run of Yeti 2.0s? If so, when?

Yes there will be a normal run of the yeti2 not sure exactly when though.

the box art is different for my yeti, how come?

Because CLYW hates you. Or thinks you are special. Or ran out of the other boxes.

That’s the box I have also.

There are 2 different versions of Yeti box art. It’s just luck of the draw.

wow two different types of art. Im really happy with the art work I got :)! What colors did you all get?

I got the blue one and the same box art is u

I really loved the OG Yeti, and have been loving the size of my Daydream, so this looks right up my alley. I’m going to try to pick one up at Worlds.

Nice vid! I love mine. When They release to retailers imma pick up another one but orange!

I just got mine in the mail today, bought a salmon/blue from yoyolazar and spent an hour throwing it this afternoon. It is fantastic. I will buy another pair of the two colors I don’t have and build another halfsie’s so all colors represented lol.
This thing is confident, snappy, quick on the string, really a treat for the price. The response pads are great and the bearing spins a little loud but is getting quieter the more I toss it.

Do it, buy one.

who has played with one so far? how do you like.

I have it and really like it. Still breaking in the bearing a bit. It’s a big damn yoyo! Super stable and great for learning.

It’s a very fun Yoyo and extremely playable. I put a drop of yyf lube in my bearing it’s been perfect ever since.

So I tried one at Worlds, and honestly I was kind of disappointed. It was by no means a “bad” yoyo- the spin time and stability was great, and it was exceptionally smooth. However, the play feel seemed a little more generic to me than the OG, and a bit harder to control during play. Maybe I’d like it more if I got extended play time with it.

Been playing mine more and more the past couple weeks. Been a daily throw for about a week. Looking to get a second once YYE get’s them in stock. So for me that’s saying something, I only buy duplicates of yoyos I really like :wink:

It is definitely a type of yoyo you need to get used to, first throw felt extremely disappointed with how it played but once i got the feel for the yoyo it surely made its way up in how much i liked it. Must still say its is a great yoyo but it doesn’t match the OG Yeti by no means.