Yeti first impressions! Pleasantly surprised.

I was excited to see that my grey Yeti arrived, nestled safely in my mailbox. After tearing into the box I noticed a very cool decal covering a smaller box than I’m used to seeing with CLYW, akin to One Drop sized boxes. No nesting for this Yeti. I also received an extra Yeti stick, a Yogi sticker, an Avalanche sticker, and a yoyonews sticker. The Yeti art is by far my favorite CLYW art yet.

After cracking open the bottom of the Yeti box, as to not tear the decal, I noticed an extra set of spacers to combat the grip of death issue that yoyofactory spacers have. The plus side of tight spacers is reduced vibe. Having an extra set of spacers is nice so you can swap out the yoyofactory centertrack bearing for something more to your liking.

After inspecting the Yeti, I can say that it looks even better in person. The marbleized look you get from the molding process is very aesthetically pleasing. One of the great things you can do with plastic is have very cool word/art molding. Around the rim of the Yeti you can see some very attractive work.

I slide the signature neon yellow string onto the Yeti. The string is always the perfect length for me.

When I threw the first test throw I was very impressed. It was just a simple forward throw, sleeper, and bind. It was extremely smooth. I was worried about vibe, but there didn’t seem to be much, if any there. I thought it would be a good time to try a finger grind. Again, silky smooth. Awesome. Also it grinds like a beast, as it should, being called the Yeti :). They were able to achieve a nice grinding surface, which I did not expect. I thought it might be sticky, and I’m glad it wasn’t.

The Yeti feels so comfortable in the hand. It seems to fill up my hand nicely. Just like the Chief, as they share the same/similar profile.

The Yeti plays amazingly, not just for a plastic, but for any yoyo. Sure, it might not have quite the spin times that I can achieve on a Chief, but I’ll take that sacrifice for a plastic that plays this nice at less than half the price of a Chief. I would say that it still has an amazing spin time for a plastic. I would describe it’s ideal play as relaxed. You can push it if you want to, but I have more luck with flowing tricks. My style is relaxed so this is a perfect match for me. This yoyo has character, and I appreciate that.

I know that some people want to say Yeti vs Rally, which is better, but really they are different yoyos. Both are awesome. The Yeti is quite the accomplishment for an all-plastic yoyo. No metal rings, and it still plays this nice? I’ll take it.

I’ll admit I had given a lot of criticism about the price. I’ll admit I was wrong. This is worth every penny. I would definitely recommend any fan of CLYW or relaxed throws, or plastic throws to pick this up. I would be surprised if you were disappointed by it.

Sorry there are no pictures. Perhaps later I will revise some stuff and turn it into a review.

Amazing job Chris! Thanks for all you do. It really is appreciated by CLYW fans like myself. It was worth the wait!


This is a wonderful review of The Yeti. I share your sentiments and I love this return top as well. It’s nice to see someone out there getting as much enjoyment out of theirs as I am from mine.

Good review. Just got mine and I pretty much have all the same thoughts.

I was worried that maybe it isn’t as good as it seems but after a couple hours of play, I can say it just has something special going on. It has a tiny amount of vibe that I can’t notice without staring at it under a light lol. It is weird to explain how it plays in my opinion. The Yeti is super stable yet kind of floaty despite being 69 grams and it is just fun to play without taking anything seriously. Let’s be honest here, playing with a yoyo should never be serious and stay fun. :slight_smile: