Another Yeti post what...?

Hey so the yeti post have stopped haha. Just out of curiosity, what do you think will happen to the first run yetis? will they remain desirable and rare? or will ppl get over them. Also how much do you think they will be worth in the future? haha sorry just curious.

By first run do you mean the first colored run, or the black ones?

Another run of 200 is coming said by Steve the one and only brown.

They’re all first run. One batch, multiple releases.

I imagine the 1st runs will be worth about 3 or 4 dollars once they come out with the new improved Yeti’s Steve has talked about.

The first run were black, I assumed these were the ones he was referring to. The runs since then have been coloured, which differ slightly in weight (I believe they’re slightly heavier). :slight_smile:

^ Quote from Chris himself.

not the black ones the other colors. grey, blue green and purple, and do you really think they will go down with the other releases? and they are releasing a brown one :0?

They will drop in price on the BST market once CLYW make a better plastic yo-yo (as long as they make it in sufficient quantities). The only people that will want original Yetis will be collectors at that point.