# of 1st run Yetis made?

Anyone know?

BTW sorry if this is the wrong place to post this :slight_smile:

You people do know there is no 1st run of a yeti. There are going be tons of black yetis made so there won’t be any way to say its first run. Plus I wouldn’t call that a run, more like a pre release

i believe its 45

YYE had 50 though and I thought that the release at Worlds was also 50 which makes 100. I could be wrong on all of this info, but when I bought the one here at YYE when they launched I thought the counter said 50.

However many there are it’s worth it. I love my Yeti. Smooth smooth smooth and wonderful. Cannot thank Chris enough for this awesome return top. Best money I’ve spent in a while!


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Too many were released for people to have sold them at $120 and higher…
I still have dreams of that peak… If I was that person who traded the peak for a yeti I’d be so mad. There were 100 or more made. At worlds there was 50 released, then 50 at YYE, so it had to be atleast 105 I’m sure.( Factoring in the ones they kept for themselves.)

Was the first release exclusive to yoyoexpert?

Also about 20-25 was in UK. But it doesnt matter, tons of black Yetis will come.

We had a production run of about 1000 black Yetis made.

So far:

64 went to YoYoExpert

60 went to another store and 50 of those were sold at Worlds

15 went to the UK

We have a lot more black ones here waiting to get assembled, but I just don’t have the time to get to them. Hope to get back on them soon. Right now I am putting more priority on getting the coloured run going. They are almost ready to ship to us.


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Trimming out what I don’t want to comment in regards to.

I think knowing the numbers for releases isn’t important information to me. If I want it, and more importantly DO like it, then I want to get one. Numbers aren’t as important to me. Good stuff is good stuff.

I have played a Yeti. I could have gotten a black one, but I didn’t because I didn’t want a black one. So, now I’m stuck waiting. I feel the wait will be worth it and the cost is very affordable. I will state that I do feel the Rally to me is a better yoyo, but the Yeti is definitely a fantastic yoyo.