Regarding the upcoming Yeti release...

I’m really hoping that YYE doesn’t sell a bunch (or all) of them at BAC. I remember when they (as well as other retailers) sold all of the Maideraide Puffin 2’s at a contest, and nobody who wanted them online were able to get them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been waiting months to get a hold of this throw, and seeing all the news that they’ve been shipped to YYE a a while ago and haven’t been released yet is making me think they’re bringing them to BAC. Please don’t disappoint those of us who can’t make it to Northern California YYE!

yeah that would kinda suck. I was even thinking they should put a purchase limit on them to each customer. Everyone has been waiting for these things and I keep seeing people talking about buying 4 or 8 of them, all the time. Why do you need 4 Yeti’s let someone else have some. I was thinking for the sake of 3a a purchase limit of 2.

I think the Yeti being shipped to YYE a while ago is no indication that it will be sold at BAC. I think you should send an email to the store direct and inquire about the yo-yo you’re interested in. They might be able to tell you something about when to expect it. That has always worked for me. CLYW, yesterday, said there is still no release date for the Yeti. So, it seems, no worries they will show up at BAC.

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People planning on buying multiple are for resale.It’s the last run ever,imagine the price in a year or two,plastic peak.

I plan to buy multiples, but it’s not for resale. I’ve played with a Yeti before and it was one of the coolest feeling yoyos I’ve thrown. If I buy multiples of them, I have extra just in case I break one or something. Being the last run ever, it’s not like I can just buy a new one if it breaks, and they are plastic. I’m probably going to get 2 or 3 of them if possible, and I doubt I will ever resell them

It really is a shame that the Yeti turned out to be such a troublemaker for CLYW. It’s the best all-plastic yoyo I’ve ever played, bar none, and if they were regularly available they would be dominating the plastic market. :-\

I’m very glad I managed to get my hands on one, but it would be cool to have another. Recently it seems I’ve developed a real love for black yoyos, so I’d love to pick up a first run.

At any rate, I don’t hold out much hope on me getting my hands on one. I can imagine they’re going to fly off the shelves like a drunken antelope, so I don’t think I have the checkout-speed required. Also, depending on the price, shipping + customs charges could end up costing the same amount at the yoyo itself, which is always a bit of a bitter pill to swallow.

Still, I hope a good number of people get to finally buy one. Chris created something truly special with the Yeti, and his masterpiece deserves to be in the hands of as many people as possible. I just hope this whole experience doesn’t put him off making another plastic in the future. :slight_smile:

lol why would it be any different than it is now? It’s been nearly two years since the Yeti release and you can buy them for fairly reasonable (i guess, still overpriced for a plastic) prices. Why would that change after a couple hundred more are released?

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While I don’t doubt that they’ll go up in price, I doubt we’ll ever again see the inflation that the peak prices have seen. I mean the original painted retailed for $89.99.

That would really suck if they all got sold at BAC but YYE is a pretty good company so I don’t think they would do a jerk move like that.

^Eric you made a really good point about buying multiple in case they break I wasn’t even thinking bout thabut now I’m tempted to buy 2 as well if I can afford it.

Does anyone have any info on when this batch is going to be released? I’m sorry if this has been answered somewhere already.

It’s up to YYE now supposedly.

I think with these many people trying to find yetis you can findd the real yeti. Lol.


I’m beginning to think it’s all a hoax, there is no such thing as an upcoming Yeti release.

The yeti is a hoax…


Everybody settle down. Let’s all make some signs and buy noise makers and yell outside of until the Yeti’s drop. We’ll cause a worldwide uproar.

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This is really ignorant, but how much do yetis usually cost?

~40 usd i think

On CLYW Steve says they will cost around $45. :slight_smile: