Does anyone know when the next run of yeti's will be?

I know some CLYW team members have forum accounts and even Chris does himself. I was wondering if anyone has heard from Chris or the team as to when the next run of Yeti’s will be?

Like if they are dropping along with the release of the Marmot 2, or being released by the end of april or something.

Hopefully then will be coming out soon with more.

I’m no reliable source, so there is a pretty big chance I’m wrong, but I heard that they don’t have any plans for another run in the works right now.

They aren’t discontinued, but since they have been making so many throws lately, they don’t have the budget to make them currently, but Adam Brewster told me they aren’t discontinued.

It’s been almost a year now since Yetis were first out. When are they coming to YYE? What’s CLYW’s issue about not widely releasing it?

With all the new throws they have been making lately ( I.e. wooly marmot 2, bonfire, ac2, puffin 2, etc ) they Most likely do not have the budget. They also are pretty hard to produce a lot of them.

The yeti was only a limited run… they are hard to find :frowning:

They were limited run get over it

If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.


No it wasn’t? The first small release had 100. Second release had over 500, and they also had a couple hundred for the third release that were pre order only. People just dont get rid of them because they are AMAZING.

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Never. Buy mine - $600.

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I bought a black yeti and a gnarwhal 2 ;D


They’re planning to wait and then they will release a small batch for $90 each. just kidding haha I would expect as the demand gets higher the sooner they will come.

Errrrrrrrr ummmmm,


??? ::slight_smile:

Pssh… I won’t try to gouge my fellow throwers. I’ll sell mine for $500. Please add $10 for shipping. If you want tracking, you pay that too.

Almost a year? 8 months. That’s slower to half. Lol. Im coming to save the day! Yetis will come soon tho. I see people sell them all the time. You just gotta look.

It’s not closer to half since half has already passed… come on man.

Lol it is closer. 2 months away from 6 months 4 months away from a year. But I am honestly being sarcastic.

Yes but if two people were betting on how much a $50 yoyo cost, if one guy said $30 and the other said $60, the $30 guy would win.

But we’re not plying the “Price is right”