Does anyone know where i can buy a yeti and what would be a reasonable price.

I think they are coming to YYE soon

really!!! yes and what would be a reasonable price?

40 dollars

Ok so on YYE it should be 40 on there?

I believe so but don’t quote me on that it might be more like 45 or 50$

OK! do you know around when would they be release…?

On march 18 they said “A few weeks” so probably soon?

They’ve been coming soon for about 8 months now?

Well thats the most recent news I had

so would we find them under clyw tab then like we do the other yo-yos? and how popular do you think its going to be?

extremely popular, expect them to be sold out quite fast



They are coming soon to YYE and should be about $50.

Yea… So don’t hold your breath on “soon” but we’ll see what happens

^^^ Could be a little longer now that they have lost some help :-\

I don’t think those guys were involved with assembly and testing, could be wrong but pretty sure they weren’t. I think the biggest thing is they’ve got NEW stuff that has been getting released and NEW stuff that they are working on. Even though the Yeti is incredibly awesome, I’d imagine it’s on a lower priority list.

It’s like watching a pot boil, keep watching and it’ll never boil. Just put the Yeti in the back of your mind and he’ll come out of hibernation soon ;D

If you are really wanting one, keep your eye on the BST as they have gone down in price quite a bit from 6-8 months ago.

There was a time Yetis were pulling $80-90, but $40-50 for one in good shape is the average.

I have one and it’s a great throw.

I don’t believe JK was doing the assembly but Charles certainly was