When does the yeti come out and where will they be selling it

I think i heard in December :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the price

Ranges from $40-$120 depending on where you get it.


We’re can I get it for 40

Oh man, so true. LOL

Congrats, that’s now my new sig :stuck_out_tongue:

On their webstie

At random times…

Or they release here for $40 in December.

All that hype makes you want one huh? Get a rally, yetis aren’t as good ;)…

LOL. That gave me a good laugh!

Well for smoothness maybe, but I don’t know, it all comes down to preference. I like my Yeti better than my Rally. It’s just so unique

Please don’t make comments on yoyos that you haven’t played for extensive periods of time all that comes out of that is lopsided answers.

In my opinion both are incredible in there own right. While the Yeti is a tad slower with a little more float, the Rally is quicker while being light on the string.

This this this ^^

Both are incredible. Both could be used to win worlds. 'Nuff said.