CLYW YETI how much is it worth?

Hey guys my friend is selling me his yeti brand new condition with box for 95 dollars. it is worth buying it from him?
It plays really smoothly! and no problems with string tear. is it worth $95 ?

You’re getting ripped off, a brand new one in the foreseeable future will be $45. The Yeti prices are too high.

It’s not worth that much. I would just wait til they come out with a new run.

New run - $45.

His yeti is realistically worth $55 ish Max

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First of all, if he wants to sell you his Yeti for $95 he is not your friend.

Secondly if you buy it for $95 you are an Idiot. If you buy it for $85 you are a Simpleton.

If you buy it for $75 you are a Moron.

If you buy it for $65 you are a Dimwit.

If you buy his Yeti for $55 you got a reasonably fair deal.

If you wait until the New batch comes out pretty soon, you will not only be getting it for a very reasonable price but Chris is really fine tuning the design of the New Yetis, so you will be getting the best Yetis ever made.

And in the process, you prove to an irrefutable degree that you have the intellectual mental capacity of a Vulcan Starfleet Commander and will live happily ever after.

And you can spend your leftover money on String and stuff.


So true mister yoyo doc I always right.

Live long and prosper my friend as the doctor of intergalactic yoyos has come to your aid.

I’m going to correct some things here and disagree with some things as well.

$95 is not horrible if it’s mint, with the box and a cool color you like. If it’s good friend, I think $75 would be a good deal. Based on recent eBay prices though, yetis are pretty high.

Also, the new batch of yetis is the exact same as all the others. Nothing new at all about them. No tweaks, or anything.

So ya, maybe worth $95 but that’s a little high; and if you wait on the new ones you will be getting the exact same thing :slight_smile:

Just wait a couple weeks and you can buy two for that price. Your friend is ripping you off.

I think he could sell it for that much, but I don’t think you or anybody should buy it for that much. Turns out lots of people have more money then they know what too do with. Since you are asking the question you are, I am guessing your not one of them.