Mint clyw yeti (first version)

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Have a mint yeti sitting around that I have never used. Bought it when they released one of the last runs of this version.

$85 shipped. This has only been taken out for pictures. Feel free to ask any questions.

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Hi, I am very interested and would like to make you an offer for this yeti. If you are still taking offers please pm me back and we can discuss further. Thank You

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Tbh I haven’t been on here for a while so I’m not use to the new format and had to make a new account due to me not being able to get in my old one. If you can pm me that would be great because I don’t see how.

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Bump…pm me we can talk.

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Bump. 85 shipped. All packed and ready to go.


These regularly sell for $20-$30 my friend. I hope you can find a buyer though!

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(Matt) #12

This is the first version of the yeti, these aren’t produced anymore and when they were it was limited. 20-30 for this is basically under retail, someone who actually knows what this is will want it.


I know it’s a first version yeti man, I literally just bought a first version yeti for $20 myself. These are common even though they aren’t produced. Most yo-yos won’t carry a value over retail.

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(Matt) #14

If you think I’m selling a mint yeti for $20 you’re mistaken. Like I said I’ll wait for the right buyer. At this point I’m in no rush.


More power to you man, I’d love to see it happen so I could sell mine and make 80%ROI’s!

(Matt) #16

The yeti is SOLD

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(Cruz Quintana ) #17

Rest In Peace to the buyer


Good for you man, what was the closing price?

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Hey good for you man, proved me wrong. Honestly makes me wanna sell my yeti

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me 2 i have a mint 1st run yeti i purchased years ago…didn’t cost me $20 tho…

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