The selling game

Here is how it works,
I pick a yoyo auction on ebay and we all guess what it is going to sell for.
The person who guesses closest then picks one.

If A yoyo gets no bids then first come first serve to pick.

I will start with a…Yeti release!
This guy lowered his price or something because he was selling it before for more?

I guess it will not sell


Only a moron would pay more

Only a moron would pay $90.

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Nah never if it ever sells I think nobody is intelligen. Lol.

What I find most amusing is the Sellers EBay name, ‘Collectiveintelligence’.

If Anybody Buys that Yeti for $120… < that person has Grey matter diametrically opposite of Collectiveintelligence.

If… A Collector just has to have one to fill a hole in his/her CLYW collection; well, they do what they have to do.

Otherwise $60 or possibly $70 is about tops.

The Yeti is just what it is; a 50 buck or so yoyo. It was a Great adventure and Challenge for Chris. And no doubt he learned a ton from his efforts. But one of the main things he learned was it was not worth the pain and effort to continue making the Yeti from the material used to produce the Yetis.

Steve Brown clearly stated that the final Yetis being sold were from Old stock gathered and assembled for sale. The last ones recently sold were not from some new production run.

I have hundreds of yoyos. I have 1 Yeti. A Purple one. It’s in the garage somewhere. It is a nice yoyo.

But it is not worth anything over the suggested retail price. Unless you REALLY have to have one.

PS… I will be the first in line to buy ‘The New Yeti’. CLYW is really dialing in the recipe on the remake.

There is an old saying, ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression’.(not an exact quote)

But with CLYW, I think we have an Exception for a simple reason.

I think Chris made a Great first impression for his effort and adventurous nature in producing the first Yeti using a unique material.

When the New Yeti is released CLYW will again make a Great first impression.

Not for Effort; but this time for Results.

I think the Yeti Reboot is gonna kick major bodyparts.


I think this yeti will not sell so lets pick something else


$111 :smiley:

If it was a black yeti I would pay 120! Purple is not manly.

Oh wait there is a black! Looks painted tho

it is a proto


im hoping not over 65-70

but people will do what people will do…

The clyw yeti proto sold for 117.82

So logi,
You pick the next auction

how much will this one sell for?

I think $130

Hulk smash canvas?  I’d be willing to bet like $170

Already a bid on it

Ouch, $22 shipping

That’s a little abusive.