people paying over 100 dollars for a yeti! does it even play that well?

Not even close to being worth that much money. They’ll be restocked really soon and cost $40 new. Even if they weren’t restocking though, i wouldn’t pay more than $60 for a MIB one.

Looks like its getting artificially raised up by two. Doubt it will actually be paid for.

That much for a plastic yoyo is NUTS.
Auctions do that to people though…

You said you wouldn’t pay more than 60 dollars for MIB what is MIB?
And you think ppl won’t actually pay what they bid? Thn why are they bidding exactly?

Scalping at it’s finest in my opinion. As we know a new run of Yetis are coming. I want one, but I don’t want it that bad to pay $100 for it. I’ll let the excitement build up when the new run releases.

This reminds me of when the New Nintendo 3DS came out. The first 2 weeks those systems were sold out everywhere and even on a highly popular online store (where they have things from A to Z) you could only buy it from 3rd parties for much more than it should be. Just a couple weeks of waiting and I eventually bought one at my local game store.

Now back to the Yeti…I’m sure hoping nobody decides to buy several of these just so they can sell it for double the amount. I will gladly not support them, would prefer to support YYE instead.

Well, someone bought it for $137


For that kind of money, a guy could get wait and get 3 yetis when they come out

or get a chief

or a used anglam (my favorite throw)

Apparently the buyer likes to throw money down the toilet.

I thought that’s why you go to a casino. :smiley:

I highly doubt its a real auction. Looks like someone is trying to artificially bring up the price of these things which will soon plummet as the release is getting close.

Yeah casino’s are toilet and have a toilet. Lol.

This is what happens on Ebay sometimes> a bunch of Idiots bid on an item. And the Dumbest one Wins.

As in this particular case.

Sometimes the person bidding against ‘you’ (for example) is either the person that is selling the product or one of his ‘associates’. They deliberately get into the bidding to pull the Suckers in to possibly help crank up the Bid.

They time backing off once they feel the Sucker is close to tapping out. If they are correct the Winning bidder is crowned, ‘King Stupid’.

If they are wrong and the Seller or his Shill friends end up winning; they just end up paying the Ebay fees and Ebay doesn’t know the product never changed ownership. <its a big racket

But realistically there are many games on Ebay.

‘shill bidding’. Look it up. No joke here.

For what it is, the Yeti is a nice Yoyo and a lot of fun.

For $130 something … Homey don’t play that.

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People bid on their items with another account to make the price go up to the guys max bid. If they bid past that, they take down the item and try again in a couple months