Anybody got an eta on the next run of Yetis?

As soon as they drop, they’ll be ready.


What the heck happened to that transitional Yeti that was supposedly being put up for sale on ebay right after Worlds?

Have yet to see it pop up on Ebay.

The next run will be in October. They will be in several colors. Chris announced this like a month ago.

Just to clarify: there are still more of the first run (black) forthcoming. The first batch were just what CLYW could put together in time to coincide with World’s.

When? That is the question :slight_smile:

Yes, but the question didn’t use the correct terminology (well, maybe it did! Maybe they want colour!), so it was getting unexpected answers. :wink:

Ya I was asking about the black yetis. Sorry for the confusion.

I believe (don’t) quote me on it. CaribouChris on the hmmm (possibly CLYW news thread or the larger yeti thread?) I don’t remember exactly want thread but 'twas said that here would be another large drop on the black yetis before the colors dropped.

I’m positive Chris will let everyone know when they are coming. If you don’t hear it from him, you’ll see 5 new threads relaying the message. Do not fear.