This just in!

XxEPICGAMERxX is actually Ronaiah Tuiasosopo!


almost spit my drink.

Should that mean something to me?

A correction:
I was searching the wrong city for the information I posted previously regarding obits and accidents. I now have the correct city, and have found no obits for the name involved, and no recent bus accidents.

Keep in mind that in any location there are numerous fatal accidents daily that go unreported in the news. The exception to this is bus accidents, and school buses in particular. That is big news nationwide. So if there were one, I think it would stand out.

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Hmm, then I think that this whole thing is a desperate scam… He’s trying to make us feel bad, and still not pay the $15…

If not, well… I feel terrible…

I hope we can figure this out…

How did he even get your money? Just curious. Sorry this is happening to you man, it prolly not making things better that you don’t know if he is BSing or not ya know?

It’s in the BST feedback section.

I gave negative feedback already. Please lock this.

Nah, we gotta see how this plays out. :wink:

I think nothing else is going to come out of this. Other than faking your own death to get out of a whole wopping 15 bucks, I don’t think this it can get better. Epicgammer faked his own death like Elvis on a yoyo forum. Lol:p

well what else will happen? He’s dead, i doubt he can get worse.


^Post of the night

ahahahahahaaa XD

why did I feel something like that was coming?


so? He’s dead if zombies eat him he won’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

What if he becomes a zombie?

its been clinically proven that once your dead, even if but by a zombie, you will remain dead. I did the research. 8)

Then where did the first zombie come from? There was no one to bite him.

nuclear something something