Well I guess we won’t be seeing much of EpicGamer anymore. ;-;

did you contact his mom to ask her about the dollars

his brother shares the account with him.


what did she say?

shell ship Monday.

So, the kid supposedly died and the mother is, on the same day, dealing with someone on a forum (you) about sending $15?

This is madness. Even if a lie, and moreso if real.

I call BS

I’m calling bull squirt too.

This whole thing sickens me.

Just as an fyi - the only obit listed fro someone with the surname we have in the last week in the Phoenix area was a 90 year old guy.

Update: this is in error. Wrong city.
But no deaths in correct city matching the name either.

The only logical conclusion is that XxEPICGAMERxX was a 90-year-old man.

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I feel like its kinda weird that there’s an excuse for everything minus your money. What happened anyways? If you don’t mind me asking?

Can’t pay=got in a bus crash
He’s online=brother shares account

This is way to funny, as an outsider into the situation I call BS. Someone in a class of mine at school claimed they’re mother had just died and needed to get to the hospital then asked instructor if they would still lose points for that days class and quiz an the instructor said yes, the girl ended up staying the whole class time so I really believe she had made it up. That’s the messed up thing, people cannot take accountability and just pay what they rightfully owe. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this man, but you read the news thing no one got hurt, this could is prolly one of those types who controls their parents. Who knows because even if his brother did use the account wouldn’t his brother be at the hospital and not on yoyoexpert? Just my view

Lol are people honestly taking this seriously? There’s gullible, and then there’s this.

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im just waiting to see what happens. If I get my money, then what will you guys think?

he said he was in 9th grade. And he’s in Corona. This did make me laugh so hard tho.

right. why did his bro not make this thread?

im gonna wait and see what happens. I have no idea what’s happening I just sent a text saying that if the money isnt in my hand Friday I’m just gonna screw it and give negative feedback.

Oh my.

I haven’t heard anything this desperate and sad in years. If this child truly did die, I feel horrible for his mother and wonder about her situation at present. If he’s made this all up to get out of a $15.00 debt, I wonder about his mental state and the other factors driving him to make such ridiculous decisions.

Hopefully epicgamer is still alive and well. Maybe he’ll come to his senses and be honest about his debts and lies.

My 2 Cents:

His whole story is false. His Brother doesn’t exist. He may or may not have been involved in the crash. He could have used it as an escape like previously mentioned to get out of paying $15. XxEPICGAMERxX has to ability to continue to exist because he fabricated his brother. So we all think it was him posting.

so who here agrees and who thinks i’m going to hell? lol