xbox one or ps4 ?

Which one do you what to see under your x-mas tree this year , and why ?

The Xbox one is gonna be terrible. You are gonna have to pay for Xbox live, you can’t borrow or buy games from friends. Its not good.



Xbox One. I’m more familiar with the controller, and Titanfall is an Xbox exclusive. I’m really looking forward to playing Titanfall, because it’s designed by the geniuses who created CoD4! Plus, Microsoft is going to continue its better support for CoD, so the Xbox One is my choice.

I do however, think the PS4 may be a better value, and I see myself purchasing one in the future. Xbox’s saving grace are the exclusive titles.

You realize that you will have to pay for Playstation Network too? Its going to be the same price as Xbox Live.

And they reversed the policy, you WILL be able to share games and play used games just like on the Xbox 360… Xbox One has the same used games policies as the PS4.

Study up before you bash. :wink:

I was going for Xbox. I like it/games better…

But a Shoutout! The Xbox one is going to suck! It’s going to have all these problem and so forth.

I like Xbox but I have to get a PS4 for now…

Wii U. Ha. Hahaha.

But I already have one. NINTENDO ALL THE WAY!!!

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I have a Wii u , can’t wait for Mario kart 8 .

I think I’m gonna get a ps4 , seems like a little more value. But I’m still not 100%

I love Xbox and would get it.

But with the problems no way. And the price…

All I want is a bunch of steam cards I mean think of all of the hats and games I can buy. Yea I will not get a console since I have found a different path of gaming.

TD;LR: #pcmasterrace

Sorry, gonna go with XBox one, I’ve been with Xbox all the way

Ps4 the Xbox flopped and still charging for monthly Internet access is bad form! And what’s up with that used game issue?

Ps4 purely for the controller, the xbox controller is so awkward in the hand that I can’t stand to play it.

I think you may have misread the question.

I don’t like consoles.

This is not the thread for you.

Somebody call an ambulance, the PS4 is gonna kill the XBox One.



Yeah, the PS4 will destroy the One in terms of sales, at least for the first year. Then, after about a year, Microsoft will be forced to cut the price, just like Sony had to with the PS3.

ps4, pretty much solely for gran turismo 7 and 8 when they come out. other than that, pc is all I need. I’ll likely get both ps4 and xbone eventually for the console exclusives, but that’ll be a ways down the road.

Wait, an xbox with console exclusives?

The controllers are awkward, I don’t like joysticks, and they get underpowered after a year. They are really intended for the casual gaming audience, which is why console elitists are so funny to listen to.

I understand why you don’t like them, but if you don’t, you probably won’t like a thread about them. I do basically all of my gaming on the PC I built, but I don’t think there’s something inherently wrong with consoles. I’ll get a Wii U eventually though.

btw ps4 better