So, what have your guys thoughts on E3 so far? Post anything and everything about E3 here. Please, try to keep the inevitable console war civil (My opinion: As an Xbox fan, Microsoft really disappointed me). What games are you guys looking forward to in the next half of the year?


I feel the same way about Microsoft. I am a xbox 360 owner, but think the PS4 I a better choice for me.


I honestly feel the PS4 is the wiser choice for a console. And Sony didn’t have to do anything but watch Microsoft dig their own grave, sort of speak. But I myself haven’t come to a decision. Can’t wait for COD: Ghosts and of course the remainder of the new Halos. I also wouldn’t mind a sequel of Lollipop Chainsaw :wink:


I pre-ordered ps4 and battlefield 4 based on E3. I’m not a fanboy of either of those, I just feel like those 2 things fit me best. I’ve played COD games for years and I think I’m ready for a change. I will miss attempting sniper and throwing knife trick shots though haha.


Also, for the ps4 or xbox 360, either way you go, you win, because you’ll be able to upload some vids! That is the most addictive thing I’ve done in a while.


Someone told me that COD Ghosts will also be out on xbox 360 and ps4, is that true?


Sony burned Microsoft. What the heck was Microsoft thinking? Anyways, I’m really looking forward to Tom Clancy’s: The Division. Check out the gameplay from E3, you’ll understand why I’m so hyped up about it.


Yes it will be for Xbone, PS4, and the current systems, 360 and PS3


I agree. It’s hard for me to do third person shooters, but I’m totally giving that a shot.


The only thing I really enjoyed about it was the gameplay footage they showed for the new FPS games (Titanfall, Killzone, ect…).

I’ve got a very powerful gaming laptop (oxymoron, I know) that I’m fully capable of upgrading, so I now know that next-gen games won’t be out of my reach even on current hardware. I feel like Metro: Last Light running full-stop on a machine that can handle it looks much better than any of the games they showed, so I’m excited about not having to spend a dime upgrading my machine until years from now.

I very well may buy a PS4 to play the new Metal Gear games, but it’ll probably be sold after I’m relatively sure most of the non-exclusives are coming to PC.


Don’t for get Wii U ;D


I don’t mean to come down so hard on nintendo, but just the fact that they sell an 8GB console that isn’t upgradable blows my mind. Sure you can add on a USB hard drive, but thats not going to be as fast as the internal HD. Then when I think about how they don’t put out enough virtual console games on the wiiU or the 3DS, really pisses me off. Come on nintendo, make something good and take my money! I’d be glad to give it to you! I love Zelda games!

end of rant.


^ I really think that they released it at a bad time. A console comparable to the 360 and PS3, and they put it out at the end of the other twos life cycle. Anyway, I’ve already preordered BF4, CoD Ghosts, and a PS4,but I’m probably going to cancel the PS4 and wait a few months to get one. I may even switch to PC. But I really hope Titanfall does well. I really only play FPS’ multiplayer modes (I play different kinds of games, just not most FPS campaigns, bar the CoD Modern Warfare series), and if my friends play this game, I think CoD is done for me.


It would foolish to even consider buying the 8GB when there is a 32GB with a game for $50 more. I heard a rumor a while back that the MSRP for the basic Wii U console was actually intended to be $250, not the $300 they have retailed at. Nobody should even be thinking about buying the 8GB one.

As for this, I don’t see any issue with how they took on the market at a strange time. As far as tech goes, graphics aren’t going that far these days so their timing isn’t certainly damaging in that sense. And on a graphics note for me, all of Nintendo’s best games were actually lacking in graphics department (Windwaker, come on. P.S. They’re making it for the Wii U, SO excited). I’m more of an Indie/Older Game player these days because back in the day it was about content, not quality of graphics (i.e. FF7).

My real beef with Nintendo: they let RareWare get consumed by Microsoft. This may be old news to some, but RareWare was the game manufacturer of the N64. Conkers Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark, the list goes on. All stellar games. Compared to the few sequels we’ve seen with Microsoft being from the Perfect Dark and Conkers Bad Fur Day franchise, Microsoft hasn’t given enough opportunity to really shine. I need to dig deeper into this topic myself even…


As for E3 goes, I was only keeping my eye on the booth across the street from it. OUYA, an android based “game system,” was being shown off over there. I’ve been deeply interested in the concept, but the stock systems that are being released (OUYA and GameStick) are only sub-par in power compared to leading cell phones of the day (Only 1GB RAM compared to a Galaxy S4’s 2GB RAM. System is best comparable to a Galaxy S2). I’m currently trying to figure out if more RAM can be added to the OUYA (the GameStick is literally a stick and quite unmoddable). If it is upgradable, I’ll probably pick one up. The speed at which the phone gaming market is growing I would be afraid to only have a system that runs 1GB of RAM.

As far as this type of system goes, I’ve found little on the SteamBox which is supposed to be running Steam to the TV (the final step from the Big Screen experience that they just added to their computer app). The only info I’ve found on the SteamBox was a “prototype” being run by a fancy firm and being priced at $900 on preorder. With 8GB of RAM however, it would be able to run two times what my laptop is currently running (think two windows of Diablo3), and is only a little bit larger than a Rubik’s Cube. With all that said, I think the SteamBox is probably a bit ahead of its time in tech, but it will see better pricing as the phone market advances as well.

It was interesting how much coverage the Xbox One got before E3 even started with their Policy Announcements. It won’t chase any of their serious players away though, so it is certainly being blown out of proportion. People who want Halo will still buy it, simple as that.

Didn’t hear much about the PS4 really, has a big processor, whatever. Somebody I know will buy it and I’ll have some fun without buying it.

I’ll probably end up spending more money on yoyos and racquetball equipment. :stuck_out_tongue:


SteamBox is going to be amazing one day. First I think they need to get more games running on the Linux steam client. It really blows my mind, that steam games are finally coming to Linux. I’m not willing to run Windows just to game, so I’ll be waiting a bit longer before I buy a steamBox or build one for my living room TV. Consoles have a few more years before Steam takes over the planet! Can’t wait!


I always said I’d never get a play station but I went an pre ordered a PS4, battlefield 4, and COD Ghosts. I’ll probably cancel Ghosts and pre order Batman Arkham Origins or Killzone


I’m so pumped for Ark ham Origins! As a huge fan of Batman comics, as well as other Arkham titles, this one looks great! I think it’s cool that they decided to bring in a less known villain, Black Mask, who is a favorite of mine.


I really hope the rumors about planetside 2 coming to the ps4 are true.


I’m so hyped about Watch_Dogs. It seems like that’s the only game I’m going to get. Last year, I bought almost all the major releases. This year, I’m gonna buy yoyos.


Is anyone going to preorder ryse?