9th Generation Consoles.

The Wii U, PS4, and Xbox one all left a “meh” taste in my mouth. I might forgive the Wii U when the new SSB comes out, I really don’t like the games of the PS4, and the XB1 is only my favorite because of Halo but is still a fat box of fail compared to the 6th and 7th gen consoles so of course I am already anticipating future consoles in hopes that they will be more game and that the companies making them will try not to be “groundbreaking.”
My ideas/hopes: Nintendo will release a console that is the spiritual successor to the Gamecube and start releasing it’s first-party games to other systems.
Sony will think of a new name that isn’t “PS5” because that does not roll of the tongue well and hopefully by then they will have developed a few game series that is appealing.
And Microsoft will cut the crap with their “all in one” entertainment and finally give it the name of Xbox 720.

I really don’t know about you guys, but I really want to see a 10th generation of consoles simply because of the number. After the 10th generation, I believe that gaming will pretty much live on through the very advanced technology of the 10th generation consoles and through PC’s. I am a bit of a futurist.

In the mean time, all hail the SteamBox

Inb4: PC master super egotistical race.

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At the current rate, there likely wont be a 10th generation of consoles (Yes, I’m being serious). It will likely all go to smartphone/tablet gaming and cloud gaming. Especially if we have another 8 year generation Cries to self. Anyways, here’s my opinion on it:

Younger gamers will tend to use smartphones/tablets and can now hook them up to their tv and run those games in HD.

Your Xbox 1/360th will provide a streaming service similar to netflix, but for games. It will cater to largely the same audience as the consoles. It will literally do nothing, but stream games from a server hoping you have a low ping internet connection.

PC’s will gain even more support and likely reach more active users than all current and next gen consoles combined. I’m actually seeing this one right now, as 5 of my friends are just ditching the “Next-gen” entirely and building a gaming PC. Plus, with PC, you get the option of emulation, and significantly cheaper games.

Not convinced on the Wii U. It’s been out for a while and still doesn’t have that killer game that really sells consoles. At the moment it’s being outsold by the 3DS which had a pretty bumper year in terms of AAA game releases in 2013.

As for the PS4 and XB1, at the moment they’re yet to really show that they’re vastly superior to the current generation consoles, mainly, I suspect due to developers getting a tad lazy with re-coding everything. On top of which, the XB1 is just an absolutely hideous monolith of a machine.

Only time will tell I guess, but at the moment, I’m not buying in just yet.


The chances of Nintendo releasing a “spiritual successor” to the Game Cube are slim. You have to remember that the Game Cube wasn’t the biggest market success, as was basically any console in that generation trying to compete with the PS2. That said, Nintendo are starting to realize that they can’† just do stuff because they are Nintendo.

EDIT: There will also most likely be another generation of consolses seeing the launch success of both the PS4 and the XBONE.

Why do the names matter so much to you? And I think “PlayStation 5” sounds goooood

For those that think the WiiU didn’t sell, it sold more than PS3 and Xbox 360 in it’s first 3 months so shush. Remember that Nintendo didn’t even have good selling points on this system. That being said, I think Nintendo won’t be able to produce a system on par of the GC. They haven’t been playing their cards smart as of late.

PC’s will always reign supreme. Just saying

If PC’s were the only systems to exist for gaming, there would be a huge list of games that would have never been made because consoles provide ease-of-use with fun far better than PC’s ever have.


I have a fairly capable PC that I can use for gaming… and there’s so much content on the 360 i never got to touch… it’s going to be a while before I change anything i have. Used 360 games are too hard to pass up.

that being said… yoying has gotten in he way of my gaming lately. I just don’t spend the same amount of time gaming as in the past to justify a the huge cost of being an early adopter.

Dear PC and console gamers,

 Please realize that PC vs console is mostly a matter of preference, and that you will not change any person's mind over the internet. Please just have fun with your chosen method of gaming.



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I cried tears of joy reading that

No, that’s not true. It depends what perspective you’re coming from. If you’re talking about which ones better for you, then yes, it is a matter of preference. But if you want to talk about which system is flat out more capable and better, the PC is. You can’t argue that with anything.

EDIT: sorry for the double post, must have clicked twice or something

Sorry, but no touch screen device will satisfy my hunger for a controller or mouse and keyboard in my hands.

The one you will play will most likely be the one that’s better for YOU, so it is a matter if preference.

No. What I’m saying is that by principle, the PC is a better platform. Yes, the one you play is your preference but PC is, and always will be, superior to any kind of console (at least on the technical side).

Your idea of better may be different than my idea of better. You cannot force us to accept and concede to your version of better if you state it as a fact like that.

Give me one reason why a console is better (in a technical sense) than a PC