what do you think? PS4 or xbox one?

I dont think ill be getting one anytime soon, but still :P.
What’s your opinion, what are you going to get and why? Do you think they are both good and both have there pros and cons, or one is better than the other? I haven’t heard a lot of features about the ps4, but the one has some cool stuff.

Also, how long do you think it will take till the price drops? Cuz my parents hate buying me video games, plus I just got bf4,GTA V, live,and a new headset for a grand total of $200… so im pretty sure they wont be too excited to buy me a $400 console :wink:

Definitely xbox one.
I’ve had the pleasure of playing them both, and xbox one has so many amazing features and better graphics in my honest opinion. Before I’d used either of them, I said ps4, but after using them it’s changed my mind.

Go watch South Park and you’ll want both or neither. Amazing trilogy of episodes.

read in Swedish accent It’s called the Xbox One because that’s how many they’ll sell hahaha

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I was set on getting the XO, though there have been rumors that say it won’t launch here in Norway before october next year :confused: so if so, PS4 i guess (Which have been launched i Norway)

Wii U… The only console worth getting…

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My friend has the one, and said there r some bugs, and the party’s dont work yet.

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I have had both Xbox original and the 360. The wii as well. So u may say I am an Xbox fan. But Microsoft got some problems with the Xbox one and many are saying the ps4 is much better. I haven’t played either but I watched somebody play the Xbox one at a try out thing and it really had beautiful graphics. So I would be undecided. I will get neither. :wink:

We’ll, I’m Microsoft all the way. But my cousin owns a ps4, I own a Xbox one. Xbox one is awesome for the great graphics, gameplay, awesome controller, and voice controls. Quite possibly the best console for the lazy one. I’ve played the ps4 at PAX. Quite nice, looks sleek, Little big planet :wink: , quite good graphics. It’s a close tie, but the gameplay is just a tad bit better on the Xbox one. We’ll worth the extra money, you get a better deal with the next release. You should be able to play Xbox 360 games on the next on.

XBone graphics are ok. PS4 graphics are slightly better. I’m also not getting how gameplay could be different on the XBone vs the PS4… It’s just mapped to different controllers…

I’ll be getting an Xbox One. Partly because I’m a Microsoft fan, partly because of the console-exclusive games (Halo 5/6, Destiny being the big ones), partly because I hate Playstation controllers, and partly because I like Xbox controllers.

The minor benchmark differences are of little importance to me.

I’m terribly sorry for your predicament.


Please share some of your elitist Linux knowledge, oh superior one.

PS4 alll thheeee wayyy.

I haven’t played either one but I heard the xbox one had some problems like the disc getting stuck in it and then being crushed so if you want to be safer, go for the ps4 but feature wise the Xbox one has way more.




I actually think the Xbox is better. I’ve been a Playstation fan my whole life, but the PS4 has NO features. You want games? That’s what you get. No music(except for music unlimited, which you have to pay for) The “Share” feature is a total waste of time. They’ve gotten rid of YouTube completely so you can’t put it on there, just to Facebook. They do allow you to watch gameplay, but there’s only a good 5 games out to play(COD is just disgusting, Knack is fine, AC4 is good but you can go through it too quickly, Battlefield is awesome, haven’t played the other 2) My dad called Playstation Network, wondering if there were going to be any patches for the system. They said they’re weren’t going to be any until March ._. He also said that because hacking is so popular in the games and systems, the PS4 is a hackers paradise. He said hackers would love the system because it’s so easy to hack.

It’s okay if you only want games…

If the ps4 is soooo much better why is the xbone more expensive? I dont think they would just make it $100 just for fun?

and a lot if my friends were like you guys, “PS4! PS4! PS4444!!!” but then they tried both, and there now saying ps4 sucks