PS4 vs. XBOX1


So with all the info we currently have, which system do you think you will buy, if either. I will be getting the PS4 because I like Sony WAY more that Microsoft and its cheaper.


Don’t care for nethier since I’m more pc oriented.
But the ps4 wins by a landslide.


Ps4 all the way. Extremely disappointed with the xbox one. As seen on facebook ,they named it that because they took 359 steps back.


wii U


I’m pretty sure most everyone was incredibly disappointed by the xb1. I’m mostly a pc gamer as well, but I’ll probably get both eventually. PS4 is a higher priority than the xb1 though for me. How else am I supposed to play GT7 when it’s released? :wink:

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Neither, PC master race.

But if I had to choose, ps4.


I dont get it, wats so bad about xbox one?


Well at first it pretty much cost money to turn the darned thing on. They wanted to charge for EVERYTHING. The other problem is that the ps4 is far cheaper, and performance wise everything is faster. They are also thinking about charging extra when renting movies because the kinect can detect how many people are there, so they might charge 5$ per person or something. Check this out

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It watches you among other things, such as the fact that originally, you could not loan games, or buy them used, and it had to be connected to the internet 24/7. Also the fact that it doesn’t really have any console exclusives (Such as Nintendo’s Mario).

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I hope this console war doesn’t get out of hand. Someone might get hurt. Maybe we’ll need an ambulance… “Wii U! Wii U! Wii U!”.


PS4. I used to be an Xbox guy until Microsoft dived off a cliff.


Personally, I’m just excited to see NVidia step up it’s graphics cards to meet and exceed the next-gen ATI stuff.

When there’s real competition between the two manufacturers, there’s a guarantee that PC gamers will win out in the end. I’ve only got a 670M in my laptop and I can run absolutely anything at 60fps when maxed. I can’t imagine how great things will look when I’ll need two 790s to max next-gen PC games.

Also, the Shield looks very interesting, but Android limits it an awful lot. If there was a dedicated OS I think it’d do much better.


Ps4! KH3!!!



I like the fact that 8 mods/admins (including YoYoExpert) liked that comment. Biased?


I don’t care terribly one way or the other. That being said I already have my pre-order in for the PS4 and I won’t be getting an Xbox One. I just significantly played my PS3 way more than my 360. But I played my original Xbox more than my PS2 so whatever…

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I’m not going to buy any of these consoles, as I’m mainly a PC gamer. I might get a PS4 or XB1 controller to use for Dark Souls 2 and other games that play better with analog sticks.

While the console war between Sony and Microsoft goes on, PC gamers get a big plus out of this. Both Sony and Microsoft are using AMD graphic cards in their consoles now, which means that NVidia are going to be pushing the top end of graphics forward as hard as they possibly can, and the fruits will be hanging over PC gamers.


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