Favorit video game?

Hello! In the spirit of Grinch’s post, I decided to ask everyone they’re favorit video games are!
Only rules on the thread is no saying what console is better or blank vs pc, etc etc.
Anyway! My top 5 are gears of war, destiny, rachet and clank, uncharted and jack and dexter!
Feel free to post gamer tags too if you guys feel like it and want to join up and play games!

Right now my favorite game is Destiny by far.


Fire Emblem Series all of them
Pokemon Hoenn Series
Grown up games
GoW Series Gears 1 in particular
I really loved this simpsons GTA-esque game

I used to be a huge call of duty nut. Back in the days of mw3 I used to sport a moab every round, but nowadays the only videogame I have time for is Play station all stars battle royale. This game gets lots of hate, but believe me, IT IS NOTHING LIKE SMASH BROS. WAY more fun IMO. I highly suggest any playstation fan check it out.

Used to be a pokemon fanatic but now I’m just the guy my friends go to when they need advice on team building and stats.

gears is my shit XD I hit no life wings twice. XD

I stopped playing because I found myself becoming too vulgar


Definately my favourite game of all time. Me and my brother put in years of our lives to this game, and even if I were to play it again now I would enjoy every single second of it.

Might be time to dust off the SNES again…

Honourable mention to Pokemon Red and Blue. Legendary.

Yoshi islaqnd was a classic. I loved the 64 verson and the ds. Pokémon is always gonna be timeless. The fact now im an adult, and I have emulators on my phones makes me so happy because now I don’t have to carry around a Gameboy or something. Not that I want to hide the fact im playing pokemon, but it’s much easier to carry your phone then something else and your phone.

osu!, Path of Exile, Guild Wars 2, CS:GO, and Warcraft III. GTA IV is fun as well. I’m also a fan of Pokemon Red, Yellow, and Crystal.

There’s also either one or two games I liked on some Midway Arcade Treasures disc for PS2. No idea what they were called though.

Can i say i play a game with blocks and not be called a nerd?.. probably not… so yes i am a minecrafter.

I like the game super Mario bros and I also loved the Pokemon ruby and emerald edition on the gamboy advance. (I have an intendo DS lite I used to play all the time now that thing just seems so old school knowing that most elementary school kids don’t know what it is.) I also like minecraft.

Since my PS3 got taken to my brother’s college my favorites right now are Halo 1 and 2 along with some old Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon and a little PGR2 in there.

Which Super Mario Bros?

  1. Final Fantasy 8
    2.Chrono Trigger
    3.Final Fantasy 6
    4.Kingdom Hearts 1
    5.Elder scrolls/Oblivion and skyrim,do love some morrowwind as well, kinda a 3 way tie.

the one that is on the Wii…

Grandia II
Galaxy Fight
Guardian Heroes
Borderlands series
Final Fantasy VII

I could like so many from Neo Geo, Master System, Mega Drive (Genesis to the US folk), Saturn, etc.

I pretty much only play Gran Turismo when i do play a video game. Gran Turismo 6 pretty much lives in my PS3, unless I’m watching a BluRay.

I saw a kingdom heart post and boarder lands too. To those, i say kindom hearts three is coming out soon, and its not a sony exclusive anymore. XD and since i have no sony products right now, i was pumped about that. And on the borderlands thing, I liked the 2nd one more than the first, and i can’t wait to get the pre-squel.

FF7 is incredibly over rated, great game but horribly over rated… X_X the fandom of said game makes me a alil queezy