Best video game ever?

For many years I felt it was ocarina of time. I have changed this to skyrim.
What’s yours?

Zelda 2.

loljkkkkkkk Im gonna say Pokemon (As a whole) there is no way I could put my finger on just one of the games. Been playing that game forever.

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Pokemon is the bomb. Crystal all the way.

Morrowind :slight_smile:

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Street Fighter.

Minecraft (LolJK)
I’d say COD4 or Halo 3

my man pokemon FTW! crystal is amazing but all the games are awesome i also love legend of zelda

TF2 is the best!!! hit me up if you want to play

Any of the street fighter Series. Metal gear solid 4 was steez. Im Mad stoked for Metal gear solid: ground zero. God of war 3 was really killer for me.

Halo Reach. Best storyline from the Halo series



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Yes however it does rival Halo 3 but I didn’t like Halo 4 at all mostly because of cortana and because of the forerunners fighting you and the covenant and because the covenant don’t even help you like they do in Halo 3. HALO and Halo 3 ODST were marginal but definetley better than Halo wars. Last of all halo 2 I didn’t quite understand that one but it is so much better than Halo 4.

Super Mario/Duck Hunt.

It was Oblivion… It then changed to Skyrim… :slight_smile:

Either Pokémon as a whole (though my favorite was Silver), or Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Skyrim was awesome… even more awesome with mods

I play a lot of games, so I guess I’ll just list all from the genre I like

Best racing game is always Need for Speed series for me
For FPS I like battlefield and Crysis
And I also like Devil may Cry series for action games
Fighting games, I like Soul Calibur series the most
Armored Core is awesome if you like mech games
Ace Combat is my all time fav for flight sim (never really like the sims though)
Also, all Sonic the Hedgehog games, although some games has horrible storyline)

I haven’t play Assassins Creed and Batman AC yet…

I’d have to say the original Crysis. The Batman Arkham series is fun and great and all, but doesn’t really do it for me. Assassins Creed (1 & 2) are again fun, seem to be missing something. Other games are the same way.

Zelda orcharina of time is the best game of all time