Video Game Thread


what’s your favorite video games and what console are they on?(xbox, WII, PS3 ect.)


Any resident evil game, assissans creed 11 & 111 not one… God of war hitman and i have a ps3


PS3 … and I was only into COD … since forever but recently I have been enjoying adventure games. I completely stopped playing COD… anyways Some of these are old games but I am having a blast playing Infamous,Uncharted, Arkham Asylum, the new Spiderman and my favorite : Dishonored.

I cant wait for … “The last of us” … GTA5 … and Watchdogs I hope I can pre order a PS4 soon!!!

If you guys can suggest more adventure games… please do.


PC - Morrowind (Elder Scrolls)

Still the best RPG to this day:

“I have seen the wholesale slaughter of men, women, entire races of people. Villages have burned before my eyes–my hand has held the torch, and my hand has thrown water on the flames. I have been ankle deep in blood, swinging Umbra in a wide arc, all for the glory of the battle, and here I still stand.”

May the wind be on your back…


Okami and Final Fantasy X for PS2 (Okami is also available on Wii)
Cave Story, Perfect Cherry Blossom, and Fantasy Explorer Nitroid! for PC


Okami is also on PS3 for d/l and it’s HD’d, one of my faves. Dishonored, Journey, Uncharted, Castlevania : Lord of Shadow - so awesome! Dead Space, inFamous, Darksiders, Dark Souls, flOw, Killzone, Prototype, Bayonetta, Bulletstorm, Enslaved : Odyssey to the West, Borderlands, Fallout, Bioshock… There’s more but I think you can catch my altitude :wink:


I forgot about Okami being remade in HD. The HD footage looks incredible. Such a beautiful game.


It used to all be about COD!

Now i play RPGs mostky. Skyrim and fallout!


SMB 1/3 - NES
Galaga - NES
Contra - NES
Contra 2 - NES
The Legend of Zelda - NES
Contra: Hard Corps - Genesis
Sonic 1/2/3 - Genesis
Rampart - Genesis
Jungle Strike - Genesis
Ape Escape - Play Station
Super Smash Bros: Melee - GC
Ocarina of Time - GC
Majora’s Mask - GC
Mario Kart: Double Dash - GC
Soul Calibur 2 - GC
Twilight Princess - Wii
Super Smash Bros: Brawl - Wii
Gladius - Xbox
Time Splitters - Xbox (some of the most ridiculous multiplayer ever)
Halo 2 - Xbox
Halo 3 - 360
Halo: Reach - 360
Halo 4 - 360
Sky Rim - 360
Minesweeper - PC

I left out Gameboy/iPod games because that’s just too long.

And now I really want to buy a Genesis :frowning:


I put an emulator on my iPod and I keep playing Pokemon emerald. My current record for beating the game is 13 hours. I play on my PC mostly. My all time favorites are portal 1&2, LFD2, Quake, and Halo:Combat Evolved.


Borderlands 2 and dead space 3 on the 360 <3


Tiger Woods and Skyrim.



Battlefield 3
Borderlands 1 & 2
Battlefield 2 though not recently

Mainly BF3 right now cause I haven’t slept and can’t seem to so its been some late nights.
If you guys play BF3 hit me up. On as, what else, “mullicabob”.


Play tf2 on pc, halo3,halo 4, brutal legends, Dante’s inferno,assassin creed 1-2 and dues ex : human revolution on Xbox 360

But if you play tf2 send me a friend request at
augmented loyalty (ie steam id)



(JonasK) #16

I’m an avid PC gamer.

I spend the majority of my time playing Dota 2. Right now I’m playing a lot of Dark Souls as well. I also play a lot of smaller titles that I pick up from steam sales.


MW2 Xbox, been playing since it was released. COD 4 was amazing, MW2 still good, and everything else since then has been attrocious in my opinion. It makes my ears bleed hearing people say COD4 was terrible, just not fancy enough for them. I would play but its all hacked, so I only play it on PS3.


Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 on the Wii

… Not really a gamer


Batman arkham city and asylum finished both now just looking for trophys and riddles

Portal two finished it in like less than two days

(NotATyrant) #20

Portal 2,MineCraft, and Batman Arkham and Asylum
I’m waiting for Injustice for I can see who wins b/t Aquaman and Wonder Woman