Would you rather have a CiTizen or a Titanium Dream?

Just curious about everyone’s thoughts :slight_smile:

CiTIzen. Got to try one out at BAC and it was super epic. I like my Ti dream, but I just liked the feel of the citizen more.

Citizen for sure.

Personally, I like the dream. Solid, fast, agile, long spinning. I fell like the citizen will be something new for me to experience. I would have both…

CiTizen. Tried both and I preferred the CiTizen far more.

Tried both and Definitely liked the Citizen more. I feel like the Ti Dream is about the level of a Draupnir, while the citizen easily performs $100 better than a Draupnir. I use the Draupnir as a comparison because it is one of my favorite yoyos of all time and to top it is a real feat. Just my opinions though


I have the Ti Dream and can say it’s a beast. It zips along fast through tricks…light feeling…super stable and comes back hard. I would like to try the citizen too. I find myself lazily throwing my break aways when I practice with it…if you throw hard and bind too quick it feels like it could almost chop through your finger with the string.

This is really how the Citizen felt, but magnified! It also has more of a unique feel to it and while the Ti Dream is great, I just didn’t really love the feel of it. The Citizen felt very… special. Without looking or even feeling the surface of the yoyo, you can definitely feel the titanium.

I would rather have a Titanium Dream because I bought the Titanium Dream before OD announced the Citizen, so I have to justify my purchase and convince myself that the Dream plays better, because I don’t have the money to purchase the Citizen too, and if I did purchase it, my wife will kill me (metaphorically speaking–actually maybe not)

… seriously though, the Dream is a beast and plays awesome, and if the Citizen tops it, then OD will have created perhaps the greatest throw ever made.

It does top it and, (IMO), they did make the best throw ever made. (At least until a TI Bi-metal comes out)

When I first got my Ti Dream I thought the 5mm gap was too wide. See…I could feel my string slipping on my breakaway thus losing power. However… . I put some IR pads in it and hello…no slipping and power for days. I have grown to rather enjoy that 5mm gap…you can get a bunch of wraps in there while doing tricks and she just keeps on going like the energizer bunny. If I didn’t already have the dream I might would go for the citizen. Honestly…you couldn’t go wrong with either. I was fortunate enough to crowd fund the my Dream so I got a really good deal on it. No regrets. The Citizen is more limited tho…so may be more highly sought after later on.

You read my mind. A Titanium throw with tungsten weight rings would be the ultimate. Tungsten is super hard… .and dense and heavy. Would be truly epic…and very expensive.

Yeah. Even if I had the option to get the Ti Dream package with the Aluminum Dream and Big Dream for $200, I would still go for the Citizen at $300. It’s just that much better. Not that the Ti Dream is in any way bad, like I said it easily competes with the Draupnir.

Yeah! that would be awesome. Have you heard about the anglam TISS. I don’t know much about it but I guess they are planning on making it. It sounds like a beast!

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I just heard about it…just now from you. Sent you a thanks. I will research this…and I will get on for sure.

I heard that people are prepared for it to be well over Dazzler price, but I know nothing for sure.

It’s gunna hurt for sure. We shall see hopefully.

For me, YoyoFactory Titanium Dream. I bought that one three times over, and money well spent too. I love the specs on it, the width, so much power, and that awesome brushed finish in your hand.

https://farm1.staticflickr.com/389/19209622791_d0d74e5d93_z.jpgDreambrushed by Total Artist, on Flickr

https://farm1.staticflickr.com/329/19209630491_13d5158eaf_z.jpgDreamblue by Total Artist, on Flickr

https://farm1.staticflickr.com/526/19200119182_c15e3fea31_z.jpgDreamblueb by Total Artist, on Flickr

https://farm1.staticflickr.com/262/19018388298_53bf46a1a7_z.jpgDreams4 by Total Artist, on Flickr

The thing with the Dream is, it’s not meant to be unique. It’s meant to be a 100% competition ready YoYo. And in my opinion, it trumps the Draupnir in performance. The CiTizen I feel was made with competition and enjoyment in mind. Not to diss One Drop or anything, but the Dream just seems like a better weapon choice to use if you are going to compete. The CiTizen may be a more enjoyable YoYo on a day to day basis, but in no way does it beat out the Dream in competition level performance.