Can somebody please make a review of the OD CiTizen? I can’t make up my mind on whether I want that one or the Dream Ti by YYF.

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Where would you get a ciTizen?


If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

I think it will be difficult to get a review.
this type of yo-yo are purchased mostly by collectors and not by players, then, in most cases, are purchased and kept in their packaging to preserve their status … or at most there will some launch on the carpet …
now are weeks that was sold the Evora … you heard talk ??? or is a yoyo that (at least in the aspect of the game) has nothing special so it is not worth talking about it or simply not used to be stored …

That made my head hurt :-\

I own a Citizen and have briefly auditioned a Titanium Dream. The Citizen is better in my opinion.

I own both.
Not sure which Ti Dream you briefly auditioned, but I must respectfully disagree with your opinion.

OneDrop CiTizen: Some have called it “leisurely”. To me the CiTizen is slow. There is a difference in the sheer enjoyment of the two. Rather large and wide, the CiTizen is not agile either. It has less stability than most Ti throws and the spin-time is not what I would expect from a Ti yo-yo; especially of this size. It does come with two foam cubes though…

Dream Ti: Fast, agile as well as maneuverable with just a hint of float. This yo-yo is beast. It has everything you want in a competition yo-yo without the extremes that usually accompany that description. The weight is evenly distributed but still results in a stable, ferociously spinning yo-yo. If I were on the YYF Team, Ben would have to pay me extra to use anything else in competition or in practice for that matter.

YYF Dream Ti - hands down


Go for the Ti Dream. I think it’s faster, more stable, and just a bit more solid feeling too. That brushed finish in your hands cannot be beat. They are easily accessible in stores too, so there’s no rush. I absolutely love mine.

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I think part of people’s preference of the citizen is the natural bias towards float these days. Also the fact that most players are’nt playing all that fast may also contribute to people liking the Citizen more. However, when you’re going all out in a speed combo you want something fast AND solid which the ti dream has in spades. It is still a hair floaty, but has a assuring feel that you can destroy any combo.

I personally enjoy my dream a very much in my opinion it is more competition focused than the citizen but the citizen is more collectible but hey either way your still winning

I have an Evora, Citizen, and Dream coming so that I can do another titanium shootout for High Speed Yoyo. Last time I did one of them it was almost six years ago. This will be time consuming but fun. :slight_smile:

Sweet, looking to see what your thoughts are on the 3. :slight_smile:

So after a few days with the Citizen I have to say its become my favorite throw. It’s my everyday carry now. It really fits my style. It’s relatively smooth withe fingernail test, but it is glassy smooth on the string. It spins as well or better than my bi-metals. Which really surprised me for a single metal yo-yo. Its very comfortable in the hand. It can go fast but doesn’t force you. Its very maneuverable vertically and horizontally. The nub in the hub doesn’t make it the best for finger spins but its very possible. I’ve been using a toxic dragon string and the response is perfect. Regens are a breeze. I did switch over to a DS bearing, but that’s just a preference. It sounds amazing. Very bell like.

I have always thought Onedrop make great throws but never really found one that clicked with me. The Citizen does. I have heard a lot of people blow this off as just a collectible. I’m sure that comes from the limited release and that people just aren’t gonna be able to get one, but if you have one please use it. It’s an amazing throw. Thanks Onedrop!

I love my CiTizen. It’s been all I’ve played since I got it, and it’s come on holiday with me so it’s getting hours of play each day. Even took it out hiking today and threw it besides a rather idilic looking lake in the countryside. ;D

Funny, I also switched over to a DS bearing. Good choice. ;D

The only thing that surprised me was a tight-ish bearing seat. It’s not a problem, I’m just not used to that on Onedrop throws, usually the bearing jumps out the second you unscrew it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hearing some really good things about the Ti dream in this thread… I’m getting tempted to pick one up as well. I’ve got that Titanium bug, there’s something about the way it feels and the sound it makes.

Question to anyone that owns a CiTizen AND a Dream (Totalartist, I’m looking in your direction), how does the actual feel of the surface differ? I love the smooth feel of the CiTizen but you mentioned that you prefer the Dream. How do they differ?

It’s so challenging to put “feel” into words, but I’ll try. The brushed Dream surface just feels softer in your hands, and seems to allow much more grip or traction while playing. I would associate it more with a better grinding matte type finish. I think it’s easier to manipulate if your hands got a little sweaty, or just in general. It does not feel like my other raw yo-yos.

I’m not sure if you have another titanium to compare Citizen to. But, it’s somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t have the same surface as the brushed Dream, but it’s not as high polished as a 9.06 or Ricochet either. It’s somewhere in between. It feels and looks smoother than my Ti5 though.

I think this is just one of those things you have to experience for yourself. I can’t say I have another yo-yo that feels just like the brushed Dream on the surface. It’s pretty cool.

TA hit it on the head.

The Dream is a more “raw” brushed finish whereas the Citizen is an almost like half-polished type of a feel. The Citizen definitely isn’t a grippy polished (chromed) feel but it doesn’t have that slick feel that a brushed throw might have although I believe it is brushed.

I only own a Ricochet and Brushed Ti Dream. The Ti Dream is amazing at grinds, and feels great in the hand. The Ricochet is too polished, the Dream is just right. I didn’t expect it to grind well, but, I was pleasantly surprised.

We got my son a blue Ti Dream for his birthday(part of the indigogo deal), he loves it, but, it doesn’t grind like the brushed.

I’m still deciding what will be my primary throw for NER, but I’m leaning towards the Brushed Ti dream.

This got moderated out due to some unpleasantness and vegabomb was nice enough to retrieve this part from my old post.

I have had the Dream, Evora, and Citizen in the High Speed YoYo Bunker for about a week now and all of them have their own unique feel. I won’t go into too much details at this point because they are all in their honeymoon phase. All I can say is the community is full of awesome people who are willing to loan me very expensive yo-yos without a moment’s hesitation. I owe all involved a frosty beverage real soon. ;D

wheres this review!>??? i wanna read sooo bad, pretty sure im picking up a citizen sunday…

Titanium Shoot Out Coming weekend of September 12/13

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