Show Off Your Titaniums...


There has been a few changes to my Titanium Collection so I thought it was time to update the photo.

I certainly wished that there were more Titanium YoYo’s available on the market to choose from. It would bring the price down a bit, and I just feel that it’s such a superior material to use for YoYo’s.


Here’s my titanium case :’(

Anyway, you have a pretty cool collection of titaniums.


I only have one but it’s more than enough for sparking :stuck_out_tongue:


My Sov


you should try 3a with a couple of them my case is the same as jsells also what is the value of that case combined


Reasonably priced, close to $3.5k



how does the blue look on those? They look almost black in the pic but I thought the oxy tattoo had blue engravings


Looks awesome, definitely blue, here’s a different pic too…


Only one left now…


i heard that was your pocket throw


One of my main ones :slight_smile: No worries though, I take care of it. Still practically mint. It has never met my keys. :smiley:



Let’s pump a little life into this thread!

The pic won’t rotate correctly…tilt your head…


Well thanks to BrandonLee, I was able to add a new member to my Titanium family this week.

Thank You for that. I know that parting with a Titanium YoYo is not that easy.


^ Wow, congratulations! That’s a great score. Your titanium collection looks awesome! :o