Luftverk Evora or One Drop ciTIzen

Ok, so I know that this question is mostly on everyone’s mind. 2 Titanium yoyo’s that will no doubt preform outstandingly. I coped a YYF Dream Ti, in the campaign from a little while ago; and I think it’s my favorite yoyo at the moment :smiley: This had me thinking of getting either one(or both :)) of the new Ti throws that will be dropping soon. I just wanted thoughts, opinions, and recommendations from everyone. I will try to get one, the best that I could. If one sells out quick, then I will get the latter. Any input is much appreciated ;D

Why not both?

Seriously, though… the Evora will play significantly differently from the Dream, owing to the vastly different weight distribution.

The CiTiZen shares the goal with the Dream of making something competition-focused, with plenty of rim weight. The CiTiZen will accomplish this with a lighter package and a different shape, though, so it’s not going to play “the same” as the Dream by any stretch.

So to me the question is: Try something totally different, or try something at least in the same ballpark as a yoyo you already love? Varying levels of risk, and potentially varying levels of reward! If the CiTiZen makes you go, “Wow… this is like the Dream, but for my tastes… even better!” than you’ve won. If the Evora makes you go “Wow, it’s so amazing to feel a totally different design in action, and I love this one, too!” then you win.

If you find yourself stunned by Ti in general… maybe you’ll end up with both eventually. :wink:

There’s less than 50 of the evora and over 100 of the citizen. I personally think the vora is the better choice and if you want get a citizen on the used market later since it will be easier to grab.

i want an evora so bad…


I really like the design of the CiTizen a lot, it’s very stylish and I bet it’ll play like that as well.

EDIT: Nvm, that’s the Evora that looks that way. ::slight_smile:

Yeah, I heard that the Evora’s will debut in only 35-40 models’ as their first run. This makes me one even more.

If I’m remembering correctly: 30 of the purple, 15 special edition, and 5 left for Jeff himself. I mean, he can hold back as many as he wants of course, but the 30/15 is the plan, I believe.

How about none? :wink:

Couldn’t get the Evora, I was too late. :’( citizen perhaps? :-\

Honestly I’m in for FG dazzler
Apperently it can’t ding

I can tell you that after getting to play the ciTizen for about an hour that it’s really really good. You can’t go wrong with it. I don’t know anything about the other throw.

Played it twice before, a very prestigious yoyo’ but a great one at that ;D Never seen it dinged, but the oxidized coating can protect the over all durability of the FG Dazzler