So, does anybody actually throw their Luftverk Evora?

I posted this in the general category because I am not looking for a review, etc…

I just happened to read a post in a thread in the last few days. The guys were talking about some people buying the Citizen yoyo just to display or sock away. And there was a comment about how nobody has really said beans about the Evora.

I had t really thought about it until I read that. And then I realized that I have an Evora that I don’t even throw, lol. It’s ‘in da box’.

I threw it for about 15 minutes and it was immediately obvious that the Evora is a little bit short in the rim weight department. It looks and throws down beautifully… No doubt.

But the weight distribution is lacking for a powerful spin; no matter how hard you throw it.

What do I mean by Powerful spin?

If you get a chance to throw a YYF Aviator 2 you will experience Power.

I have no doubt that the next yoyo Jeffrey releases will bring the weight distribution into better alignment.

But my personal thoughts aside; I am really surprised few out of 40 something people have had anything to say… Good or bad or whatever.


I don’t really agree with a “lack of spin” description. No, it doesn’t spin as hard as the Ti Dream or some others but it certainly keeps up with a Citizen in the spin category. Jeffrey plainly stated that he didn’t push but so much weight to the rims when he designed it so it would get up to spin speed faster on a throw (as to meet his playing preference). One would expect the feedback / review count to be significantly lower than the Citizen since there were more than twice the amount of Citizens made.
I personally purchased the Dream, Citizen, and the Evora. My preferences to play are fit best by the Dream, then the Evora, leaving the Citizen most likely to see more shelf time! IMHO the Citizens “play” could have been achieved using just aluminum.

kilbuck you wouldn’t care to drop that citizen into a poor mans hands??

titanium for the poor… :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s that game show that’s always telling people to neuter their dogs?..oh yeah -

If “The Price is right”!!! :wink:

I throw my Evora often. I really like it. No, it is not the fastest, nor the most maneuverable - but the spin-time is just fine. What I think may be the issue is the H-shape that allows for more string-hits than with other designs. Sure, on others, the string hits also, but with the H-shape, it seems that the initial hit takes away more energy than with other designs that allow the string to slide more than hit.

The Evora has a very unique feel that is almost un-titanium. I find myself using it more and more. It is very predictable and demands more precision than most high-performance throws. The shape is one that would not me nearly as pleasing to play if it were done in aluminum. I would take the Evora over the CiTizen; but neither is as good as the Dream.

Love mine. It’s in the daily rotation.

Thanks guys… Sometimes the best way to inspire people to speak up is to focus on an aspect of a yoyo that might be debatable. As in this case.

I knew before I even bought my Evora that it was not ‘rim heavy’. But I honestly wanted to know how people felt about the yoyo. Especially since little has been said since it sold out in a few hours.

A few weeks back Steve bad already mentioned that the Evora was one of the best releases of the year.
Steve does not say something is really good unless it is; no matter who makes it.

I wanted to.draw out the folks that would most likely disagree with my suggestion. And no doubt my post did just what I wanted it to do.

The Evora happens to be my daily carry yoyo. I am not really sure at the moment where the box is?

I have known Jeffrey Pang for years. He is very good at everything he does.

I just felt that a blunt statement would stimulate more compelling replies.

Thanks for responding.


My daily rotation consists of about 20 yoyos. :smiley: I wish the Evora was one of them.

It’s currently holding onto the #1 spot in my collection, and its got some tough competition:

I agree that it doesn’t have the most rim weight, but that doesn’t matter to me, my combos are typically short anyways. I think Jeff did an awesome job designing it, and I don’t think there’s anything I’d want to change about it. Despite the other great things about it, I think my favorite part about it is the purple “glass dust anodized” finish, which is really spectacular.

I play mine very regularly too.

I find myself playing with the Evora more than the other Titaniums I’ve acquired recently.

It’s light, it’s quick, it’s fun… I’m a fan.


I played it quite a bit (wasn’t a fan of the full ceramic bearing though, swapped it for an NSK) THEEEEN I sold it. My regrets are quite viscous on that side. Well here’s to hoping someone ends up deciding they don’t need a display yoyo and selling me one.

Absolutely love mine. I keep the ceramic bearing in if i’m traveling or plan on doing something silly like taking underwater photos of it, otherwise CTX goes in. I haven’t had an issue with sleep times on mine, but rather fear of doing sky binds since it seems to spin at an absurdly high speed.

Love it, play it all the time.

I don’t give a significant number of rodent derrières for rim-weighted “powerful spin”. The price you pay is kickback, which ain’t fun. The Evora hits the ground running at a much higher RPM than, say, the Dream. It carries that spin with less momentum, but until you’re going for a long-combo contest, it’s got spin to spare. I’m just as worried about binding this thing early (owie!) as I do about any other hard-spinning yoyo.

It’s comfortable in the hand. It’s agile. I find it rather fast and manoeuvrable actually (how can you not, YYG? It’s light and agile for sure!), although the chunky rim profile does mean that it’s not quite as sure-fire on the catch as a pure-V. It’s trickier for me to do Black Hops, for example.

The only downside I’ve really found so far is that the gap is the wrong size and shape for finger grinds for me. Other people’s finger grinds may be fine, but I have to sit it on there with practically the fingertip only. Get to the middle knuckle, and it knocks the yoyo off-axis and kills the spin for me.

There was plenty of talk about the Evora on Facebook both before and after its release; not sure why that conversation didn’t carry over here as strongly.