The Luftverk EVORA Ti7075!

The original Luftverk Evora was one of those yo-yos that people either clicked with or they didn’t. While some criticized, others absolutely fell in love with a yo-yo that clashed with the standard issue competition grade models on the market. It was different, just plain fun to throw, and the new Evora Ti7075 is ready to follow suit!

The idea to create the Evora Ti7075 came from an aluminum mockup of the original Evora that weighed in waaay too light at around 30 grams. Jeff had always thought about revisiting that design as a bi-metal, and sticking with the Titanium Supply Company theme he went about it a little differently – 7075 Aluminum with beefy titanium rings!

Of course, like the original Evora, there may be some critics claiming that denser steel weight rings would have been the way to go. It makes sense in theory, but once you throw the Evora Ti7075 you’ll agree that titanium was the right decision! We can’t explain it, and neither can Jeff – It just feels right. It doesn’t have that heavy aggressive feel that some aluminum/steel bi-metals are known for. It feels lighter and almost floaty with excellent stability and spin time. The performance lands somewhere in between a conventional bi-metal design and titanium design with relaxing play that feels unlike anything else!

Releasing Nov 3rd @ 8PM EST!

Exact. This is a question I always who, since the exit of yoyo such as Sygyzy Oxygene or Phenom T YoyoJam … if I need to maximize the weight at a given point, it makes sense to use a material such as titanium that the specific gravity not even double than aluminum? (Ti 4.5 g / cm3 against Al 2.8 gr / cm3) (it does not have much meaning in my opinion)

Not really sure what the question is, you’ll have to clarify.

I’m pretty sure he’s asking why titanium rings are being used when they’re lighter than 7075, therefore giving less rim weight than if they had just made it a 7075 monometal.

To answer his question I “think” Jeffrey said a while back he wasn’t sure about it at first too but after making it he realized how unique the yoyo felt and that it still played better than he expected so he decided to release it.

mine was a rhetorical question …
I think so …

in theory and in practice.
Use the titanium to have the minimum benefits (or almost no effect) in terms of distribution of weights and reduction of thickness (what can instead with the steel which has a density 4 times greater aluminum) I find a style exercise in order to himself that just makes up prices (and very, as in this case) and make it more vulnerable yoyo (being composed of several parts joined together by pressure only) … the yoyo would play very well even if it was only make in 7075, with more material on the rims, perhaps modeled to get a great IGR.
plus it’s a waste of a rare metal, which by its properties could be better spent (to make a full cup for example … you always work a bar, consider how much waste there is to be make only a ring!)

worse I only saw yoyo aluminum (6061) … with aluminum rims (7075)! example C3 Berserker … you touch them the absurd … the combination of two metals identical and with negligible difference in density.

I agree using steel rims or just using straight up 7075 would’ve been better in a performance standpoint but I don’t think pure performance was Jeff’s goal, he wanted to make something unique and different with this Evora.

Wouldn’t it play different then though? The weight would be distributed differently. It may be at the rims but some of it is closer then to the center of the yoyo then before, giving it a slightly different feel…

FYI, all of this is a question, not me stating facts… (I would love to learn the in depth physics of how yoyos work though!)

I agree, and for a brand that describes itself as “titanium supply co.” it has a logical, creates a link with what is the “mission” who want to pursue while “exploring” other roads (aluminum in this case) … but it ends here, technically this yoyo like the others I mentioned first, for me they are all a “no sense”

is likely, it would behave little differently… but not by much … and then, by pure logic, where is the benefit nell’ottenre this slight difference to the cost of creating a more delicate object of mono-metal, with critical phases assembly , with much waste of rare material (just to make the rings) … and that has a high price? I not see him.

Wasn’t the original anglam made of 6061 and titanium rims? It seems like that was a yoyo of great praise. I know they use SS on the rims now so that kinda contradicts my point but I still believe the OG anglam was really well liked.

I can look at the densities and am sure the manufactures have as well so I’m sure there has to be something more that goes into it than just looking at the density.

I’m indifferent about the Ti rings. They might do good work or might be just a gimmick that sets them apart and an increasingly over saturated SS rimmed yoyos of the time.

I believe it was 7075 and Ti but either way, yeah the rims were Ti. That yoyo was released back in 2012 though, the market wasn’t nearly as saturated with great yoyos as it is now. It was still an awesome throw but it can’t keep up with most of the well-designed bimetals of today.

I personally think it’s, as you said, a gimmick that sets them apart. Not necessarily a bad thing, it’s definitely unique. But you aren’t going to get the level of play you would if those ti rings were replaced with steel.

Didn’t your parents ever teach you to try new things? Do you criticize new foods before you try them too?

If you haven’t tried the yo-yo then speculating it’s performance is just that - A speculation. The Evora Ti7075 has a really nice feel to it. It’s not lacking any stability, spin time, or speed - The titanium rings don’t hinder performance in any way - They give it a more forgiving and comfortable feel. It’s a really fun yo-yo, if you get the chance to throw one it may change your mind.

Ive been pretty quiet on the forums lately, but i have to pipe up…

If he had used SS, he’d get bashed for not suing Ti. Since he Used Ti hes getting bashed for not using SS?

Also, that is a good point of waste from working a bar to make a ring. Never thought of that… ::slight_smile:

And how can you say:

I assume you know how much difference a half gram makes in play, let alone where that half gram is. For you to say something this silly is shallow, closed minded, and insulting towards something you have ZERO hands on exp with. Wait till you throw one before you claim to know its performance.

My advise is to talk about things you know, and not think that you know all things your talking about.

Art isnt always about function. Competition builds (your comparison/gripe) are only one facet of the market. For you to insult and verbally destroy something cause it wasnt geared toward comp domination, is very silly. Make me think that perhaps your view is too narrow. Sure you know numbers, but that doesnt tell you the whole story which you’ve dismissed out the gate.

Also, dont go around saying people like Jeff just “makes up prices.” Again, your ignorance is showing, and its not pretty. Go learn basic business models of costs, overhead, labor, time, materials, outsourcing, shipping, machining, etc before shooting off your mouth about (again) things you clearly have no knowledge about. Small batch runs are not cheap. Period.

Ok, thats enough from me, just had to drop my 2cents. I would love to get one, but still recouping my the Tundras… :wink:

That purple tho!! <3

I have much better things to buy with $ 220 … thanks for the thought!

(P.s. do not take too many penalties for what should or should not teach my parents … and how I can or can not evaluate an object such as yoyo … when you’ve started using a lathe … manual lathe!.. and you have brought us what I did there … maybe I start talking about these things with you.)


you instead of these things you know all true ???
because you’re dealing with this, is not it? you are an expert.

and you know how much difference a half gram makes in the play, is not it? because you have made so many of yoyo prototypes, is not it?

put them back in the piggy those 2 cents and go play with your loved Tundra, it’s better, trust me!

lol this thread, I actually purchased one a while ago and if you like the regular Evora, this is just that, but better. Sure it isn’t 100% TI but in terms of overall playability, it most def does everything better.

I have plenty of bi-metals that are all in this price range and TI’s as well so in terms of comparisons, it is still just as unique and great as the first Evora was.

Prob one of my favs throws at the moment, the Tundra also being amongst them, (I have 2) :slight_smile:

The fact that you know how to operate a manual lathe isn’t some sort of trump card you can throw down, it doesn’t change anything in this discussion. I was just trying to say that you shouldn’t criticize a yo-yo if you have never thrown it. If you don’t want to take that advice then that’s fine.

Completely agree! Been my go to throw for a few days now.

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I not have criticized this yoyo.
I critic entire category of yo-yo, the aluminum yoyo who have weight titanium rings, this is because given the low difference of density between the two metals in question, what you get, it would get equally using the only aluminum, increasing the thickness at those points… this without wasting a rare and particularly metal such as titanium to do only the rings (since even the rings are machined from solid bar), without increasing the production costs and without weakening an object (given that a object composed of several parts is more fragile than one mono-body)

this is my idea and is not just theoretical, why should not I express it? however, it appears to give much trouble in this place.