Luftverk Evora!!!!

Has anyone seen this?? It is @#@ amazing looking! and the full ceramic bearing!!! And the titanium! holy … , Im speechless!

^ For anyone who is currently unaware.

I have to agree that it looks simply fantastic. That shape is just lovely, almost like a Titanium Genesis, phwoaaaar. drools

I wasn’t planning to buy a CiTizen and an Evora, but for $270… ooh man it’s tempting.


So choice.

I don’t think I’ll ever be buying a titanium but wow. This certainly is gorgeous.

If someone made a evora profile with a citizen hub I would buy it at any price. I hate the cup of the evora but i may still jump on it.

I’m not super keen on the very center of the hub (the large nipple thing) but everything else about the cup is baller. The design intention was to avoid rim-weighting to reduce the amount of kickback.

I honestly never realized that’s part of why I often enjoy yoyos with the weight pushed further in (eg. Cascade), but now that it’s been explained it makes a lot of sense to me.

Looking forward to this one for sure.

I agree i dont mind the cup but the nub is so ugly.

Year of titanium?

I should be working in class right now, but im to busy drooling on the screen looking at the evora.


I agree, it seems a rough part that still has to be worked … for me ruin much the overall aesthetics of the yoyo.
I don’t think anything new, it’s a yoyo in titanium with a pretty view of the material distribution and full ceramic bearing … I have it on my Jazz-yo The Sheild since 2008

I’ll grab one. I don’t particularly find any hubs aesthetic and think the Evora’s is actually a bit better looking/unique than the Citizen’s.

Personally I actually really like the hub. Granted, at first I was a bit taken aback, but it grew on me very quickly. It’s unique, I’ve never seen another hub post just so… big. I think it works with the aggressive shape of the yoyo, in the same way the smaller spike of the CiTizen fits better with the sleeker shape. :slight_smile:

The only slight concern I have is that the first run are being anodised purple. They’ll probably look amazing, but I’ve really grown to like that raw titanium look…

That hub looks to be similar to that on the anti-yo fluchs, which I thought was a very nice piece of work. The anti-yo eetsit (most anti-yo models for that matter) and most dif-e-yo models have a similar hub. Face it kids, it’s functional, giving the axle something to thread into reliably. I suppose you could dress it up a bit as in the spyy or hspin spike, but it’s really a minor detail, and if you spiked it, people would fuss about a copy cat design… :wink:

Jeffrey does nice work.


It just looks so rough. Whatever, it’s surpassed the citizen in terms of wants, so it’s pretty much an insta buy.

It looks industrial. I actually like it more the more i see it. Especially if functionally it makes the yoyo feel different than so many other typical rim-weighted throws.

Exactly, if it plays good I could care less. And it is growing on me. Not sure about the purple. A green like the Aurora would be great.
It seems to be following a similar ideology as the fireal.

I really didn’t like the look of the hub at first, but i’m in agreement here. The more I see it the more I like it, definitely has that raw industrial feel to it. Can’t wait to try out all these new titaniums!

Haha Garret do you get to like borrow these throws cus you are an employee? And do u get a discount? :smiley:

Well we wouldn’t be able to talk about the yo-yos without trying them right? :wink:

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