Worst day ever


I was doing community service and I brought three throws a crucial confection a yyj theory and a protostar. Then the Girl Scouts showed up. I layed them on a table while I did some work the next thing I hear is my throw HITTING SOLID CONCRETE and it had to be the crucial only got a few pinpricks but really it had to be that. I would have been less angry if it was the protostar like lol. Never trust a Girl Scout around yoyos is the moral of this story. Now my question is has this ever happened to any of you guys. I’m really curious.


Was your community services performing yo-yo tricks? Why would you need 3 good throws with you and why would you leave them for someone else to touch? Unless I have a reason, I have one throw at all times and it’s attached to my person.


That’s why I buy the Keebler brand of Girl Scout cookies.

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i kind of feel as though a yo-yo isn’t mine if i haven’t put a few marks on it.
… sadly said girl scout beat you to it, so i think you’ll have to track her down and give her the confection. it’s like harry potter wands. she took it from you fair and square and now it will no longer bend to your will.

kidding aside, yeah i put all kinds of yo-yo’s into kids’ hands and yeah, sometimes they get dinged up. guess what though - mostly they still play just fine after. dings sand out. and i’ll grant you i’ve received a lot of yo-yo’s for free, but regardless… attaching myself so deeply to an inanimate object that i get upset if it’s damaged in the course of its intended use (meaning being played with) does not work with my philosophy at all. go enjoy that crucial. play it without fear or reservation. let it bounce off the world and put some marks of your own on it.


I know what you’re saying Ed, but it’s like getting that first door ding in a new car…I do everything I can to avoid that first one, but then once it happens I don’t try to avoid more. Same with yo-yos for me, I like them mint and pristine but once they get dinged everything is fair game :slight_smile:


If yoyoing wasn’t apart of the service, looks like you really wanted people to know you have some yoyos.

My girlfriend has dinged a couple of my throws, but it’s no big deal. Just accidents. “Here, you can ding this one as much as you want” *kiss

Also, I would say children. Not specifically girls scouts.


I agree that you probably shouldn’t paint all the Girl Scouts with the same brush. It looks like your issue was with one Scout only. :-\

I always wondered what parents are teaching their kids about manners these days. Kids will touch things that don’t belong to them, without asking. I know what you mean though, because I like to keep my things nice as long as possible, and not have things looking a total mess. I like to take care of my things, toys included. I like nice things, so I can identify. If it looks like trash, it belongs in the trash. But, chalk it up to a learning experience. There will be other pristine throws.

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never trust a girl scoutwith a yoyo


I got a good laugh out of the moral of the story, too. :wink:


My little brother knocked my ozone off a desk, now it’s a beater.


My problem was just that my confection was the best color way I have ever seen and it was mint I loved that throw it plays fine except for a few pinpricks lol. Oh well.


And it wasn’t part if the service but I knew it was going to be reeeaaaalllyy slow do I brought a few throws and put them on a table next to me drink


I would’ve been more upset if it were the Protostar.

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Someone doesnt like Confections.

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never trust a girl scout
trust a girl scout
trust a girl


They’re toys, they get beat up.
Just have fun with them.


I’ve never seen a girl scout in real life. Sure I’ve seen them on TV selling cookies on American sitcoms (that episode of Friends comes to mind), but I’m starting to doubt as to whether they actually exist. Some solid evidence besides sketchy eyewitness accounts would be handy…


^ Come to think of it…maybe we shouldn’t trust them. I’ve never seen one in person, and I’m here in the United States. I always bought my cookies from people who claim to be the parent of a Girl Scout. But I’ve never seen any proof of it. Next time you are yo-yoing around anyone purporting to be a Girl Scout, ask for I.D. But, they’ll claim they are too young to carry I.D. If they do that, you know it’s just another little scam.



Stop yo cryin :stuck_out_tongue:


take a look at the newest clyw short…CLYW Presents Bonfire…that should put you at ease