The holidays...

As Christmas grows closer and closer, downtown shopping area seem to become full of nothing but red white and green. Lights, colors, and of course those cheesy overplayed christmas songs that you cant escape because every single store is playing the same thing.
I rarely go downtown during this time of the year, just because for one, parking is absolutely impossible, and two, its just too busy for me! But despite all this, the call within to do some shopping for the family pulled me out of the nice comfy warmth of my place and downtown.

After spending some hours into the night, I had gotten some items for the family and was waiting for the bus to head back home. I had my Crucial Milk 2% on me and was letting the time go by while throwing.

A young boy was watching me and made his parents stop and look. He was quite excited and kept saying “I can do that! I know I can!”. I smiled and spoke with them for a minute. This young guy was 9 and was quite amazed to see modern yoyoing. Apparently his parents had given what they described as an “automatic yoyo” which I can only assume they meant something like the yomega brain.
After a bit, I saw that this guy really badly wanted to throw, so I let him try my YYJ Classic that I always keep around for situations as such. The classic was very different than the brain he was surely used to as he wasnt able to throw it quite correctly, but I gave him some pointers and soon he managed a good straight throw :slight_smile:

I decided to let him have the classic and told his parents to take him to YYE to learn more. They were very grateful and I was happy to see him so enthused :slight_smile:
I think this is the 4th or 5th time Ive managed to give away a plastic like such. Its why I always try to have one on me, if not at least for someone to try. Definitely something I think many can do!



Where do you live? I’m moving there :slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Back on topic, I think it’s really cool of you to give away your yoyos :slight_smile:

I swear Usagicat are you some kind of philanthropist? you give way a ton of yoyos to younger kids… then again you have some i don’t… a job! anyways That’s awesome you did that! i think you made that boy’s day!!!

Really nice post. The holidays can really bring out the good in people. And I bet it felt as good to give a yo-yo away as it was for him to receive one. I hope everyone who reads this post follows your example.

We need more people like you in the world Usagi :slight_smile:

Where I live it’s -20 celsius. My bearing seat sometimes shrinks on me and the vibe is awful! Only indoors up north.

These cool things always happen to Usagi Cat. And whenever that boy will think of Santa your face will come to his mind. Go Usagi Santa.