I didn't know what to do

Today I was yoyoing in a lobby at my school. And a little kid walked up to me and started asking about it. I started telling him about yoyos and stuff. Then he left. He is also like 4 or 5. So later on, I’m sitting on a couch in the same lobby on my phone. The little guy walks up and takes my phone. I got it back and then sat down. He grabbed my keys and said “is this your yoyo?” I said “no, I need those to get into my room”. Then, he grabbed my yoyo ( my mint Positron) and ran away. As soon as I got to him, he put the string on his finger and literally slammed it onto the ground. O.o it’s not mint anymore. I had no idea what to do. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Sucks man. Don’t bring expensive stuff into a lobby. Carry a beater like a dv888. I only use my expensive throws at home, or at contests where people know not to do things like that kid did

That’s why I use a yoyo holster or a plastic or a beater yoyo.

I would have slapped the Jesus out of that little ****

I agree with Matt , I never bring out my expensive throws . I always carry plastic . yoyojam trigger and a protostar . people always ask to try it on the job . I have no problem letting them try , knowing there going to bash it into the ground .

Where were his parents?

Id talk to his parents, the rude little brat!

You walk up to his mom and tell her how much the yoyo was worth and demand retribution.

Maintain control over your stuff at all times.

When I was in Vietnam, some kids were interested in yoyo stuff, so they grabbed and damaged my Cascade(very small damage). It’s like “You’re surrounded by my plastic ones, why can’t you grab one of those instead of opening up my case and beating up one”. Fortunately I was nearby when it happened.

This grabbing and running is a clear case of lack of discipline and respect, and the kid probably steals as well. Not intentionally. Little kids at that age have problems with right and wrong and tend to be rather impulsive. However, the parent(s) should be teaching to “not take other people’s stuff without permission”. Id’ have gone and talked to the parents about this.

am i the only one who would tell you ‘don’t worry about it’? (or even ‘smile about it’!)

seriously, which has had a more ‘valuable’ existence, the yo-yo that sits on a shelf pristine for decades or the battered one that was out in the world being played with? some things are worth more than ‘what you can get for it’. no one worth your time cares more about what you have than about what you do. you put a yo-yo in a kids hand and he slammed it. now it bears the mark of the encounter. maybe years down the road that kid will see a yo-yo, make some kind of subconscious association, and get into it because you were a good guy and in a sharing mood.

it seems to me that kid freed you of a burden you didn’t know you carried. before he dinged it, the yo-yo owned you. it dictated what you could do with it, how you should hold it, where you should play with it. now you can take that positron and rock it as hard as your heart desires. let it taste the world. i promise the dings and burs will sand out.

never become the guy who’s so scared of his toys being scratched up that he won’t share with a little kid. all the clyw’s in the world aren’t worth that.

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well said , I used to bike messenger on a 1,500 bianchi bike. totally destroyed . and loved every minute of it . my friends thought I was crazy but I bought it to ride .

This post is amazing! Thank you Ed.

that is very true. Still in a little shock. Haha!

Not much to say when you were being bullied by a little 4 year old. I’m not really passive when people take stuff directly from me.