am i the only one who thinks like this?


So I have a dillemna. My brother comes to our house every weekend or so, and hangs out for a few days at a time. I have tried teaching him to throw many times but he is very impatient and extremely immature. So he usually ends up just swinging it around. Now, I have a very very large collection, half of which are plastic Duncan’s and Yomegas. When I know he’s coming I take a few out and put a counterweight on them because he’s into 5a, so that way he has something to throw. Now here is the problem. Even though I’m nice enough to do that, the first chance he gets, he digs through my high end box and grabs (usually) the most expensive throws he can find. And the next thing I know, I’m in the other room and I her *DING DING DING Ding ding" over and over again. I tried telling him to not touch the ground no matter what, etc. But it didn’t work. I tried telling him he can ONLY throw certain ones or plastics, he still managed to get ahold of the rest. I mean, I had a MINT ILYY Noctu that i love, the first day I had it, he threw it straight into ground. All my yoyofficers, ruined. RecRev silly goose, ruined. I don’t know what else to do! I’ve even tried to get him to save money for his own high end but its like he refuses to do it. He’d rather use mine. Id feel really bad about blowing up about it and I don’t want him to get all upset about it but I mean damn! My collection is worth over $2,000 and ibe worked hard to get it to that point so i can hand it down to my son but at the rate its going half of them are gonna be beaters! So what do I do? Am I the only one who thinks that NOBODY should touch a mans high end throws?


Umm, hide them? I mean, if he wont listen, I have scarred my brother into not touching my throws.


I really sympathize with you. My sister has no interest in yoyoing but as she breaks just about everything else I own without any real consequences, I see where you are coming from. I think that you need to be less generous about this kind of thing. As an example, If he dings a yoyo that you just spent $100 on, you should have him give you $20. These things are expensive and you shouldn’t let him walk all over you like that. Either that or put a rug down in your room so you never have to worry about dings.


I do! I swear, he FINDS them!


My room is carpeted but that’s how badly he dings them, even on carpet the get damaged. And he always has no money, or I would make him buy his own y’know?

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Step 1.) Get a toolbox that you can lock (preferably metal and kinda rugged)
Step 2.) Put padding inside toolbox to make it a yoyo case.(so when it gets thrown at the ground the yoyos are safe)
Step 3.) Put high ends in it.
Step 4.) Lock it.(and put the key on your keyring or something)
Step 5.) Hide it somewhere that you usually find rugged toolboxes.(garage, basement(upper shelves!), attic, etc.)
Step 6.) Tell parents it’s yours and to not throw it away.
Step 7.) Tell your brother that you sold all of them because he wouldn’t stop dinging them.

Problem solved.
Cost: $25-$60 Time: 2-5 hours The feeling you get knowing that your high ends are safe: Priceless.


Yeah bro buy a safe or some type of box with a lock lol.
and dinging brothers are nightmares lol my bro dinged up my Forte he thought he can walk the dog but instead he crammed it into the floor lol still love mah bro
and make sure he only plays above carpet or grass
and practice throwing in open space


I’m not sure how old this guy is, but I think the underlying problem here seems to be a massive lack of respect on his part. If you have to resort to hiding things and lying, then you’re not getting to the root of the problem.

Spoiled kid needs to learn to respect you and your property. Many ways to do this… my brother did it with one hell of a right cross to my face, and I learned my lesson pretty well. Not that I’m recommending it… :stuck_out_tongue:


My best friend dinged my Puffin when I wasn’t home and at a school party. I punched him and we called it even and laughed it off.


This is a good idea, but I wouldn’t recommend using a metal toolbox. I know you said to pad it, but I just don’t think that using a metal box to avoid dinging just isn’t the best option. (My opinion, not trying to put anyone down here.) Also don’t lie to your brother. He won’t believe it anyway, if anything it will let him know that your up to something, just don’t bring the matter up.

There are cheap (relatively anyway compared to high end yoyos) tackle boxes that you can put a lock on, I recommend a combination lock that way there is no key to lose (or find ;)).

Something like this…


I should mention, I’m 27 and he’s 21, so that’s why I’m so shocked by the absolute careless boundary crossing

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I’m sorry, I completely agree with this.(I just thought metal because it blends in with old/rugged/dirty stuff you have in your garage.)


Hide them and say that you traded them or cant find them at the moment. I have friends that want to try yoyoing, and I tell them that “condition is important incase I want to trade it or sell it” and they are always very respectful and very cautious. My girlfriend is very very careful to the point where she doesnt want to even touch them or she will ask me, which I dont want her to be scared to even touch them, but I def dont want people doing walk the dog or anything like that with my throws.

If I have a reckless friend or a kid I let them use something like my Vibey responsive One Star, most of my friends wont even touch my metals, they know they are off limits.

As far as your brother goes, tell him that condition doesnt matter to you (even if it does), but it matters to alot of other people, and you are thinking about trading them and they will be worthless if he dings them up! Blame it on the OTHER PEOPLE, so you dont sound like an anal jerk, eventhough you wouldnt be, but that is what he will say “wow bro you care WAY too much about TOYS!”

If someone dinged my mint Notcu let me just say I would be pretty annoyed, esp if it was carelessly. Im never going to trade my ILYY’s but I like having them mint, because they are, and no point in dinging them up just to ding them.

I have “outside” and “inside” throws. The “inside throws” stay in my case, my “outside throws” I take with me. If I know Im going to see a friend that might want to try and yoyo I might bring my Protostar instead of my Avant Garde 2, or maybe Ill bring both. But I control which ones they play with, if its your brother and I had that exact same problem I would say idk where they went and put the expensive throw case in my safe, idk if you have a safe but that way you can be 100% sure he wont touch them.

Also try and talk to him, but I would def hide them, that is just me though.


hurt him, that’s what i would do!


omg that is brutal ;D lol
just check him. be like
Ehh wtfrick leave my stuff alone or ima have to jack you up lol


I don’t have a real idea about what to do, but I do not think lying is going to solve anything. I have found that pain makes a lesson stick, though lol.


If he’s 21 then I would recommend talking with him and just asking him why he’s behaving like a child.


Is he mentally disabled? This isn’t normal behavior for a grown man. I’m not joking. I would have guessed he was under 12 from the description in the OP.

If he was a kid I would have suggested just locking up the yoyos. Since he’s not a child he needs to immediately stop disrespecting your property (and as a result, you).


If you guys are already that age, I want to say it’s too late. Respect is something that should’ve been established a long time ago.


Stop teaching him to Yoyo? It seems he’s not interested in yo-yoing anyways so why try and teach him when he’s not interested? Also if you want to hit home if it’s your last straw you could file a claim for property damage on your yoyos caused by your brother.