work throws?

Anyone have a yoyo you only carry and play with while on the clock? I designated my DV888 to my work place. Its banged up bad, sanded down parts of it but still plays great. Forgot how good that plays. Anyone else do the same?

I used to keep a Dingo in my desk to pull out on occasion but found that I never really had the chance to… For the longest time I would bring one to work on Friday’s but generally it was a rotating yoyo.

I need to start doing that again!

I always have a yoyo in either my pocket or the bag I bring to work everyday. Has been a Walter for a couple years, but lately I’ve been carrying the Executive. But like Matthew I rarely get a chance to use them while at work.

My “Work throw” was my Masamini. Not sure how much throwing time I’ll have with this new job other than just breaks, will probably end up rotating between Masamini and Executive.

When I was working I kept a hitman and a no jive in my briefcase. Sometimes I’d throw in my difeyo GTO.

My work throw is my BSP. It’s Always on my bag which is under my desk even as we speak. you just can’t harm it so it’s really at home around all this concrete.

My Sengoku Hideyoshi. I bought it knowing I was gonna use a nice throw for work, and dings/scratches were inevitable. But honestly it’s my favorite throw at this point, because I bring it everywhere. It’s on a Cloud string(if you haven’t tried one deff do) and has a dry bearing. So I never have to worry about maintenance. It’s in a holder ready to go wherever and however long I need it for.

Nothing specific for work. I usually have a Replay Pro in my computer bag, and, when I travel, I bring whatever strikes me when I’m packing.

I teach HS music and throw during each passing period and lunch when I’m not overrun with students. So I keep an inexpensive throw on the desk (One Star Pulsar currently) and take another in the bag (rotating the Lilliputian, Scout, 2Evil, Marquis, Moxon, Moonshine recently). Then whenever I get an enthusiastic student, I loan them the desk throw – and when they come back with their bind, I let them keep it with a dozen strings ;-). Good times!

That’s really nice!

I take my horizon to college a lot… I guess school is my job right now?

That’s the way I saw it when I was going to college! It’s good work and I miss it!

I think gifting a throw is an easy way to get a student to stop feeding their phone. And, it always feels good to give/share. =D

I have a shutter at my desk. Black w/polished rims and it’s fair share of paint missing. Still plays great! I bring a different throw to play in everyday though.

Well I have a yoyofactory grind master on my desk all the time, however I bring whatever yoyo I am using that day to work and it just swings around on my hip all day, unless I have time to play with it.

There’s a YYF Whip in my desk drawer as of Friday.

Whats work?

It’s something I used to do before I became independently wealthy. :wink:

There is no more practical work yoyo for me than my Aoda Little Guy.

It’s very small, fits well in my pocket and is entirely functional.

My horizon. I throw it on break while everyone smokes.

Yup. It used to be my Skyva then I went to the Vosun vanquish but then I got the Banna Hammock. That thing so freakin smooth I can’t put it down. Bee tee dubs Them vosun yoyo’s are incredible. Especially since they are so dang cheap! My vanquish plays as good if not better than half my hi end metals.

My N12. Fun for slow days in the kitchen