Yoyo at work...

I have my green dm2 with me very day. It’s my throw that I consider my beater. It has other uses at work for me also lol. Like holding my M&Ms

Haha, awesome. :wink: My Superwide would make a great candy holder and “work throw”.

My work throw is actually a YYJ Chaser. I almost never touch it, though, because it’s my “whoops, I forgot a yoyo” backup yoyo. Not that there’s anything wrong with it (it’s a fantastic player!) but I typically choose other yoyos over that one.

I probably have about 3 yoyo breaks a day, 5 minutes or so each… plus playing in line at McDonald’s for coffee runs or lunch breaks. It’s not a lot, but it keeps the “cold turkey” shakes at bay…

Yea I have 2 fifteen min breaks and a half hour lunch. Not a whole lot but just right to get me through lol

My Caferacer has replaced my old weatherworn M1 as my “work” throw. I’ll sneak in a toss here and there to sort of center myself.

I"m self employed. I’m gonna make my entire crew start carrying skill toys.


I used to work at a trendy sneaker store in the mall would throw whenever down time appeared or walking to the food court.

You hiring? Need a job.

All full right now. Thanks though. If you want to see what the jobs entail, I’m running sound production at BAC…

It’s okay, pretty sure I don’t qualify for anything. The only thing I know about sound is listening to it.

I swap between my Yelet, Burnside, and Summit as the yo-yo I keep next to my desk in my classroom.

I usually keep a butterfly in the desk as my stay at work throw cause it’s not noisy and i can throw it while in my cube without disturbing anyone.

but breaks and lunch… i go for a walk find a spot off the floor and throw what I decided to carry that day.

I always have the ILYY St. Eel on me at work in case I get some throw time.

I usually carry a few in my messenger bag. I keep a Crown Royal bag with a few throws! Works awesome! And inside some smaller bags to keep them from banging together. It’s like Bags for Bags!

Usually carry a FG Avalanche, DV888, 888x, OD Cascade, Duncan Freehand, DMII and a Duncan Drifter. I’m ready for anything. :wink:

I keep two at work. They are the two yo-yo’s I have doubles of. I have a Protostar in the car.

  1. YYR Sleipnir.
  2. YYF 7075 Genesis.

Both are locked away when not in use.

Still got the bottle of crown royal? Trade you jwalker black.

I wished… Long gone :slight_smile:

But i’m always down for some J! ;D