yoyoing at work

I work at the front desk at an inn, and I have nothing to do. All the time I’m thinking “I could be yoyoing right now.”. Do any of you have jobs where you are allowed to be yoyoing? (while the job itself has nothing to do with yoyoing)

When I am doing events, there’s often time to break and throw a bit. It really depends on the crew and the talent. If either are lacking, then it won’t happen.

I work in flooring, I build estimates and talk on the phone with clients and employees or a large Store that we install for. Sometimes when I’m on hold with a client or the store I will throw a sleeper and do a quick trick at my desk. My Bosses are pretty cool and I don’t think they would mind. I have a nice cubicle that is way in the back so no one really watches me. They are saposed to be getting me a cordless headset and I can’t wait cause it will be easier to throw with out the phone cord getting in the way. I also love to throw at my break, or if I’m stressed I will just walk outside a trow for a minute.

i work in a cleanroom at a semiconductor company in the silicon valley,

i yoyo all the time in my bunny suit if im not busy. only downside is i have to wear latex gloves which makes tricks feel a bit different.

I have a rollercoater/racercar/airplane simulator in the mall and I yoyo behind the fence at least 5 hours a day in view of the public. my ride has nothing to do with yoyos but I sure do pull crowds now and then and then they want to ride after a yoyo show! Heres where I work.

I’m often too busy to throw at work these days unless it’s lunch or break. Kind of hard to do graphic layouts, edit and convert videos, scan images, and throw.

I work at a charter school, so I get to throw nearly all day! The staff and administration are more than cool with it, and I’ve gotten a lot of kids interested in yoyos. When the school year starts, I’m going to start a yoyo club for the students–and any grown ups if they’re interested!

That’s awesome!! …could you teach at my highschool?

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I work with younger kids (2-5 year olds) at my main work and then 1st and 2nd graders over this summer. The kids love that I yoyo. My boss, and the Directors and the staff of the summer camp where I’m currently working love that I yoyo. They want me to work again next summer so that I can teach a yoyo class. How cool is that?

That’s awesome!

I don’t work, I hope to get a job soon. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe…

what mall is that?

When the stress gets to critical levels I close the door to my office and throw or go out to throw for a bit.

Arundel mills mall in Hanover md.

LOL, are you in California?