WM2 vs Cascade

So with the CLYW drop tomorrow, I finally have the chance to pick up a WM2 (or a Sasquatch but that doesn’t interest me as much). I’ve never owned a CLYW product, and it’s definitely something we need more of in the Museum. While looking I realized that the WM2 is a very similar shape to the OD Cascade (which we already have in the Museum, but I don’t personally own). So while comparing shapes, I also compared prices etc - I can get a Cascade for $115, or a 7075 GZR Cascade for $135 which I think will be the same price as a solid WM2. Being that both are machined by OD and given the similarities in shape, why should I choose the WM2 over the Cascade?

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I don’t own either so I can’t say, however I do have a bunch of One Drops and a Summit made by CLYW and One Drop. All I have to say is you’re in for a big treat with either, they are great companies and make awesome yoyos.

Given that the currently available splashes on the Cascade include YYE Exclusive and Dragon Slayer (which I love), CLYW is going to need something pretty special to beat OD on the color spectrum.

Go check CLYW’s instagram. A couple days ago they posted a pic of all the wm2 colors for this release. I know what one im getting. No reason to get the wm2 over the cascade IMO, they are probably equals. I buy based on color and CLYW has some of the best, imo.

That’s your answer. Colors are like tastes, it’s up to the end user…

I really like Analog Berry… can’t seem to find one… Shoot, I’m pissed I missed the Summit Analog Berry colorway, would have been a cost effective way to get one… oh well.

You can prob snatch a dope mint cascade on BST for under $75

Agreed, which is why I was hoping someone would have more insight into the reasons to go for a WM2 over a Cascade - price certainly is in favor of the Cascade, but that’s understandable given that CLYW has to pay OD to manufacture. Anybody who owns both want to chime in?

I have a cascade in the vilmos zoltan kiss colorway and a WM2 in the sunrise kingdom colorway. They feel very similar from a size and shape perspective, but I don’t find that they play the same at all. The WM2 has the typical fun, floaty clyw feel. I’ve always marveled at how CLYW manages to bake their signature feel into all of their designs. That said, I find it to be the least stable throw in their current lineup.

I would say the the cascade is more stable, but that elongated bell shape is not a particular stable design regardless. I find the cascade plays heavier and is much more deliberate. I think CLYW tends to execute their colors a little better. I prefer the WM2 color contrast and Gruntbull finish to the color contrast and Pyramite finish of the cascade. I find it looks, feels and grinds better. I love the side effects axle system, which is a major plus for the cascade. However, the WM2 has a really cool inner hub design that’s very unique.

My preference would be the WM2. I like the cascade, but other one drop yoyos, specifically the Markmont Classic and the '13 bench mark series get a lot more play. The WM2 on the other hand gets thrown at least every few days. One thing to note, order a ctx or a one drop 10 ball if it comes with a stock flat bearing. The CLYW stock flat bearing is awful. I’m really glad to see that CLYW has changed course and is going back to the CTX.

If it would help, I can post some side by side comparison shots later tonight.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I still have to decide whether to pull the trigger, it’s a difficult decision to drop that much on a single throw when there are many cheaper throws we don’t have in the Museum yet that could be added with the same money - thankfully we have sponsors, without their amazing support we wouldn’t even have a chance!

I own both, I love both. You should get both.

I’ve had a chance to play them side by side, something I’ve never actually done before, and I stand by my earlier comparison. I find the WM2 is a little lighter and floatier and fits my current preferences just a little better than the cascade. I also find the fit and finish to be just a notch higher on the WM2. That said, these are both fantastic throws and definitely play like relatives of one another. The price difference makes it a very tough decision. I’m definitely going to have to pull the cascade out more often than I do. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either. Here are some side by sides. I hope they help.

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The Cascade was the first metal high performance throw I ever purchased. I have since neglected it after purchasing many new throws. I personally prefer the WM2 more. The cascade is fun but I have a blast with the Wooly Marmot 2. It’s smaller size and wide gap make for a very fun throw to just play around, which is exactly what you should be doing with an awesome yoyo and/or return top.

I’ve owned both and personally found the WM2 to be a bit solid and bland whereas the Cascade is one of my all time favorites. Some people will obviously strongly prefer the WM2. I’ve never thrown a GZR Cascade at all but I’ve heard only good things. Since you’ve not yet had the chance to own any of the 3, I’d buy whichever one has the colorway that you like the most.

It’s interesting that you find the WM2 floatier. I find the Cascade to be a pretty breezy fun little yoyo! Not solid at all, though plenty stable for daily play. I don’t think the ULs I use (in place of the domes) should make THAT much of a difference, but maybe they do…

Cascade is light and fun. “Floaty” even. Not saying even moreso than WM2 because my experience with WM2 is extremely limited. But I wouldn’t want someone to read that comparison and think that the Cascade is in the “solid throw” side of the yoyo spectrum. It’s definitely in the “zippy and floaty” side.

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I think you should choose based on color if it comes to it. The WM2 colors definitely look good, especially that Camp Caribou :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you’re using brass spikes, I doubt the SEs make that much difference. Although, it might play a little lighter and faster if you’re using ultra lights.

I definitely agree that the Cascade is not a “solid throw” when outside the confines of the WM2 comparison. To me, both the WM2 and the Cascade fall in the middle of the spectrum, in about the same place. It’s very hard though, since feel is so subjective, as is the definition of float.

I had my wife look at the colors, she immediately said “That one!” pointing at Maiderade. I’m still undecided, but leaning towards the WM2 first but definitely a Cascade soon.

I was glad to see this thread as i have recently been wondering the same thing

Well that was easier than I thought it’d be - got my Maiderade WM2 :slight_smile: