OneDrop Cascade vs. CLYW Wooly Marmot 2

After owning both for a period of time, I have come to the conclusion that they are very similar yoyos. The Cascade feels a little bit heavier with the dome SEs, but I find that the size and shape of the yoyos are close.

That being said, I definitely prefer the Cascade of the WM2. Therefore, my conclusion is that you can get a yoyo similar, but slightly better than the WM2 for quite a bit less money. Just my two cents.

Has anyone else felt the same way about these two yoyos?

I actually prefer the wm2 to the cascade. But I do agree they are very similar in size shape and play

Here’s a blurb and some pictures I added to a post about these two throws a little over a year ago:,82060.msg921830.html#msg921830,82060.msg921939.html#msg921939