Winners Announced! Thanks for all the questions!

Congrats to @Skyline on winning the grand prize in our Colin Beckford Forum Chat W/ The Pros Giveaway! You won a new UNPRLD FLASHBACK!

And congrats to these 5 random winners, you’ll be getting a $10 YoYoExpert Gift Card!






Winners will receive a message shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Excellent questions (well except for one or two :rofl:) and thanks @ColinBecko for putting the time into sharing with the community, plus of course Scales :notes:


Thanks for choosing my question! I wanna thank my family, my cat, my girlfriend(that thinks this obsession with yoyos is going to take me nowhere in life), jesus, god, buddha, my charm yoyo(definitely came in handy with this question), and @ColinBecko keep throwin like a boss and make that makoxtiger shark throw you’ve always wanted to.


Congrats on the wins!
Had a blast learning so much from everyone, thank you Becko for answering our questions <3


Congrats to the winners!

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