Questions for Colin- yoyo scene and judging system?

What is your opinion of the yoyo scene?

What do you think about the current judging system?

If you could, would you change the judging system in a way where it FAVORS talented players like Riccardo Fraolini etc who have a style that wouldn’t really score in the current judging system, and players like yourself, Evan, Shion, Gentry, and others, or do you like it how it currently is?

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I love the yoyo scene. So many awesome people from diverse backgrounds. It’s been great to grow up in it… I feel like it’s set me up for real life much better than any sport could.

Judging system is cool with me. I don’t think it can really get much better. I feel like people don’t realize that when they are upset about results, it is usually the judges that may be scoring inaccurately and not as much the system that makes things go the way they are.

I’m down for there to be something that promotes creativity more. I think that for within the yo-yo community, that’d be ideal, but it’s difficult for that system to be created. Much harder than the current one.

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