Yoyo Judging


I was watching “World On A String”. Amazing yoyo documentary sold on this website. I really recommend it. In the documentary they were saying that they are still trying to perfect the judging system. Players were questioning it and calling it flawed. Do you guys think it’s fair? The documentary showed that it changes peoples styles to try and get the points. It should be judged in a way where a player doesn’t feels like they should CHANGE their style or whatever.

Jensen 2010 to 2011 is a great example.
I’m sure he didn’t get one point for having it just one throw.

It doesn’t seem right? A judging system shouldn’t make people have to play different to try and hit more strings or go faster to get more points. There must be something better? They explained how the “Asian Style” is more geared towards getting points and impressing judges while “American Style” was to make up creative stuff.

Maybe a voting system? Or kind of like when they hold up those 1-10 signs. The players can vote for who the judges should be. Make it like a democracy… lol. Like instead of counting string hits and clicking maybe the judges will give a certain amount of clicks for something they personally liked and thought took creativity and skill…and executed well…Instead of making it more “technically scored” which it seems to be… Just a thought. I figured there must be some controversy about it since they had a whole segment on it in the film. What do you guys think?


That sounds more like American idol then without the lyrics or the stage instead a Yoyo and a cafeteria stage


Yea that would be pretty cool just with more than 3 judges and I guess voted in by the players? Like they would sign up and anyone who got through prelims could vote for who they think would be the best judge and then the top 5-6 would get it? Is that so crazy? I think it would make it really interesting.

(Owen) #4

I dunno… I think its good as it is

Take away the clickers, and it just wouldn’t be the same.

You know what I mean?


Judging will always be a subjective issue. There’s no way to perfect a system that is inherently flawed. You adapt and it breaks in different ways. Unless there was a computer calculating scores based on video analysis(which players could find ways to work around/within), that human element will always be less than perfect.

Hit banging gets old fast. Speed demon play style blurs and gets old fast. Style isn’t given enough attention.

I’ve been shopping on another site recently(Sorry, they have stuff YYE doesn’t have and/or it’s on sale, price speaks), and been watching videos. I think what I saw was som Marcus Koh video from earlier in 2011, which he won the contest, but I found it far more engaging than his Worlds performance. Just my personal observation. I’m a fan of Mickey, but he knows how to break it up now. I do admit we see to using a lot the same stuff over and over again from previous performances.

The non-Asian players have different styles. It’s not a fair comparison. Even any two individuals is not a fair comparison. The system is what it is. Even with the major changes, change is slow and it will just be exploited and broken again. Still, it’s what there is to work with for now.


I completely see where you are coming from but… I kind of disagree on the major issue but agree with a lot there. Imagine the judging system was one guy just deciding who wins who didn’t know anything about yoyoing. That could be improved. There is always room for improvement. Why not keep up with trends and have a system that doesn’t put people in first that the majority usually disagree with. A system that isn’t viewed as flawed by SO many. I mean I saw this on the documentary and the pros were all saying it. I would understand if it wasn’t an issue to bring up and some people didn’t like it because some people will always disagree but this clicking thing just seems… Illogical. If I competed to win I would have to change my style when most people would probably prefer it the way it is. Like I said the perfect example is Jensen. It looks like his last Worlds performance he got like 9th and did what he wanted instead of going for major points and people are calling it one of the best performances ever. Way more hits on youtube etc. Compare it to the year before. I personally see pros personal videos vs their worlds videos and enjoy the personal ones better because they aren’t going as fast as they can and going for string hits. More creativity.